Negotiators Essay Topics

Obstacles to negotiation

Sometimes people fail to negotiate because they do not recognize that they are in a bargaining position. They may fail to identify a good opportunity for negotiation, and may use other options that do not allow them to manage their problems as effectively. Or, they may recognize the need for bargaining but may bargain poorly… View Article

Processes of negotiation

In simplest terms, negotiation is a discussion between two or more disputants who are trying to work out a solution to their problem. Negotiations typically take place because the parties wish to create something new that neither could do on his or her own, or to resolve a problem or dispute between them. The parties… View Article

Journal for Negotiation

Key learning point: To be an ethical negotiator by providing correct information to the client. Why selected: In order to gain a client’s trust, providing truthful information about the product to the client is important. However, when the negotiator perceives that the client has superior expectations of the product, then the negotiator would more likely… View Article

Anchoring and Adjustment

Negotiator biases are an important part of knowing how to present a negotiation in the most positive light. Negotiators must also be flexible in offering that which the party or parties find acceptable. A bias to be discussed will be that of ‘anchoring’ that part of a negotiation the negotiate is willing to accept. A… View Article