Negotiation beforehand Essay

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Negotiation beforehand

You ought to master the art, in a negotiation, of raising the interests of both parties and end up with a lasting common pact. Why selected: Negotiations rooted in self-centered positions often injure the relationship of both parties and are incapable of reaching good agreements. I recall a friend who lost his chance of landing a job because of his tactlessness. Application to a business or personal situation: A couple of weeks ago, a friend had lost a big time prospective employer when he haggled with him over his desired monthly salary, asking a highly competitive one despite being a fresh graduate.

What added fuel to the dispute was his provoking voice that possessed an air of domineering insistence. Action steps: The situation above is best addressed by efficiently doing the following: 1. Build a long-lasting relationship with the other party by offering a wise deal. 2. Set aside personal involvement with any issues and try to look over the other side’s viewpoint. 3. Do not counteract emotional outbursts with another raging flow of emotions. 4. Identify the parties’ interests, not their positions as it would undermine the other in the process.

5. Lay down a wide array of alternatives, sit, and pick the best choice to settle issues once and for all. 6. Approach the issue as a common search and decide on the best objective criteria for it. 7. Establish ground rules in negotiation beforehand to have a pre-emptive measure against dirty tricks the other party may later employ (Glaser). Reference: Glaser, Tanya. Conflict Research Consortium Book Summary. http://www. colorado. edu/conflict/peace/example/fish7513. htm. 1998-2005

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