Negotiation Essay Topics

Third-Party Conflict Resolution

In the negotiation process, the use of third-party conflict resolutions often comes into play when parties cannot seem to reach an agreement regarding resolving mutual interests. These types of third-party conflict resolutions are: arbitration, collaboration, litigation and mediation. For the Seatcor Manufacturing Company, the use of third-party conflict resolution is necessary. The researchers of Team… View Article

Wyoff and China-Luquan: Negotiating a Joint Venture

Joint ventures (JV) are a popular method of foreign market entry because they theoretically provide a way to join complementary skills and know-how, as well as a way for the foreign firm to gain an insider’s perspective on the foreign market. Since China began its market opening in 1978, joint ventures have been the most… View Article

Midwestern Art Museum

Background The present paper reviews a case study as written by Lewicky, Saunders and Barry in the text Negotiations titled Midwestern::Contemporary Art, case number 6. Its focus is on a financial crisis that the museum is facing due to a donors failure to pay a five million dollar pledge. The donor was the museums previous… View Article

Negotiation Strategy Analysis

Negotiation strategies are used to make negotiations successful. Depending on the type of situation, the negotiations may differ in tactics. This essay will examine two articles different in strategies that use integrative tactics. One article will have a distributive strategy (win-lose), and the other article will have an integrative strategy (win-win). The tactics used in… View Article

The Importance of Negotiation Skills

The labor relations process includes three phases, and one of those phases is the negotiation of the labor agreement. The negotiation process involves two different parties; the union, representing the employees, and the management/employer. The outcome of those negotiations has a drastic impact on the work lives of the employees, such as working hours, working… View Article

Time and Hacker

My client would like to apologies for not acknowledging Mr. Hackers talent in full and for expecting too much from him with such little resources. His time was overcome with the amount of obligations this company implies and it was not fair. Stanley would really like the company to stay together, I think our clients… View Article

Negotiating International Market

•Negotiating with international customers, partners, and regulator NEGOTIATIONS ARE FORMAL DISCUSSIONS B/W PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIFFERENT AIMS OR INTENTIONS , ESPECIALLLY IN BUSINESS ,DURING WHICH THEY TRY TO REACH AN AGREEMENT. Negotiating with international customers , partners and regulators often requires a lot of meticulous preparations and skill. Successful negotiation demands threadbare analysis and evaluation… View Article

Principled Negotiation: The Value of Trust

Fukuyuma (1995) defined trust as a form of “Social Capital. ” The continuous presence of trust in a society or even in particular locations within it makes this social capital possible. It can be exemplified in the most basic and smallest social group like the family and up to the largest ones like the nations… View Article

Negotiation beforehand

You ought to master the art, in a negotiation, of raising the interests of both parties and end up with a lasting common pact. Why selected: Negotiations rooted in self-centered positions often injure the relationship of both parties and are incapable of reaching good agreements. I recall a friend who lost his chance of landing… View Article

Negotiation and Leadership

The negotiation is a process where two parts make a deal to satisfy the interests or needs of each other. We are going to analyze how and when to negotiate. To guide ourselves with this topic, we are going to use the method of Harvard that consists in seven steps. Harvard method: 1) Interests 2)… View Article

Negotiation Mistake

Negotiating is hard, no one denies it, but it’s also a valuable skill. An expert from Carnegie Mellon told BNET that if you fail to negotiate a higher salary just once at the start of your career, you can expect to leave $1-2 million on the table throughout your working life due to raises being… View Article

Reflect Essay

A role play activity took place in our tutorial 3. My role was Pat Taylor who is an experienced employee in a medium-sized company. However, Pat does not like all the company rules. Therefore, as Pat, I tried to persuade Dale, the new department manager, that it is unnecessary to wear safety glasses all the… View Article


Globalization and technology moves the world of business forward. Globalization and technology are essential elements in providing new grounds for business transactions. Understanding how globalization and technology work to make negotiating across countries possible. This examination will discuss the various implications of globalization and technology in the negotiation process. Further, provide insight into the value… View Article

The Differences Between

Topic: “Write an essay on the following topic: “Discuss cultural differences as they exist in American and Vietnamese culture and suggest some ways to overcome them.” CONTENT The difference of culture impacts so much to the way to living, the way of thinking and the way of doing business. America and Vietnam have a big… View Article

Negotiation in Management Decision Making

Having been approached by The Director of the Cowley Council Council (CCC) regarding an industrial dispute with their refuse collectors, a report has been prepared to give insight into the field of negotiation and aid the council in their talks with the refuse collectors. The dispute is primarily concerned with CCC’s plans to change working… View Article


1. List 5 ideas that can be used to avoid a win/lose situation in the negotiation process. 2. List 3 indicators that the person with whom you are negotiating is using competitive negotiation techniques. How could you deal with each of these? 3. Discuss the value of collaborative negotiation. In collaborative negotiation the approach is… View Article

Why is it so hard for organizations to manage change?

Jick (1993) defines change as “a planned or unplanned response to pressure and forces. Change is inevitable and organizations, which do not respond to change, are likely to struggle and may eventually, die. Change however can be painful and therefore needs to be managed, as the empirical evidence points to approximately 66% of major changes… View Article

Case Study: BP Texas Refinery

Introduction According to Lewicki, Saunders & Minton (2003), adopting an unethical approach to negotiation in business can have serious consequences. A recent explosion at the British Petroleum (BP) Texas refinery on 24 March, 2005 reiterated this and demonstrated the effect of an unethical approach to negotiation with the death of 15 contract workers. Ethical behaviour… View Article

Conflict Resolution in Work Teams

Families, employees, working teams, and ethnic groups are faced with conflict daily. Facing conflicts and having the capability to resolve them are crucial within our society. Some conflicts can be avoided, but when working in a team environment, more conflicts are apt to arise. Being able to successfully resolve conflicts within a team can be… View Article

Ethics, Fairness, and Trust in Negotiations

Discuss two of the following statements then respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Try to respond to students who picked different statements. * Discuss how skills in ethics, fairness, and trust can be a part of the negotiation process even though some negotiation tactics challenge those values. * Identify the Five Bases… View Article

Juvenile Case Study

In reviewing the case I think that Sergeant Williams did make a Sound Operational decision. Due to the facts that he observed Roberts in other similar circumstances not fall for the very flirtatious men that she worked with. Officer Roberts was known for holding her own and being very cocky and too sure of herself… View Article

Cross-Cultural Training — A key factor for International Business Negotiation

As the process of globalization keeps advancing and the era of information has already brought significant influences to our life, the world is becoming, although not from a geographical perspective, smaller and international communication happens more frequent. Such cross-cultural contact becomes stronger both in depth and width and leads to the desire and demands for… View Article

Sally Soprano’s Case

What, in general, did you learn about negotiation from this exercise? What surprised you? What would you do differently if you had a chance to do the exercise again? In the Sally Soprano’s Case I was Lyric Opera’s Business Manager, and I learned some curious things about this negotiation. First of alI and more important… View Article

Carol Ferns Greivance

A grievance was filed by Local 10 of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) on behalf of Carol Fern. Carol has been an employee of Bainbridge Borough for 18 years as a tax clerk. She was recently denied a request of 6 months unpaid maternity leave for a new born baby… View Article

An American Gaucho in Argentina

I. Identification of Problems With the development of economic integration globally, man is beginning a new era of global negotiation. Cross-cultural business negotiations that between business people who from different countries with different mentalities and cultures are becoming more and more frequent. At present, people gradually concern the problems, which are triggered by cross-cultural business… View Article

Labor Relations

1. Define the term “collective bargaining” and list and describe four issues that are mandatory components of a collective bargaining agreement. Collective bargaining can be defined as the process of involving representatives from both employers and employees to come to terms and conditions of employment that both parties agree. These agreements are written into legally… View Article

Consumer negotiation

Introduction Negotiations have a significant impact on the savings of a customer during the business relationship. The authors of this article assume that the transfer price lies between the manufactures production costs and the maximum retail price and that the negotiations occur in an incomplete and the producer is not sure on the consumer price…. View Article


In my negotiation for Viking I played the roll of Sandy Wood and I attempted to negotiate with Pat Olafson regarding a range of issue that we have had with each other over the past several years. These negotiations were extremely complicated because they dealt with three at least different issues. We had to figure… View Article