Negative Potential of Video Games Essay

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Negative Potential of Video Games

Controversial subjects comes in all forms and fashions and sometimes presents disagreements within. The controversial subject that I have chosen has been around for many years and have allowed individuals to take a stand for their opinions about the situation. “The debates on video games violence has arguably been narrow, in that it assumes that such games have only negative effects and ignores the possibility of positive effects”. (Ferguson, C. J, 2007)

Within the Article it provides stability and creditability in the problem of violence in video games. The Article is called Negative Potential of Video Games by Russell Sabella, but instead of focusing on the facts of how and why this is an issue it provides facts the boys demonstrate these acts far more and singling this gender out within the article. With the validity of this important information that needs to motivate our youth this article depicts that boys will see and demonstrate more violent acts.

Understanding that the main focus should be the youth, only boys were singles out and this article also assumed that boys show a greater tendencies to be aggressive due to the motivation of video games “This is especially true for boys who seem to show greater tendencies to be aggressive and to seek out higher media violence exposure”. (Russell A. Sabella Ph. D. , 2013) Video games contributing to youth violence and have demonstrated negative actions which caused support groups to stop the creation, sales, or renting to individuals under the age of 18 due to negative acts of harm represented by the youth.

The influence that the video games present to the youth consist of aggressive behavior, violence, school shootings and even bullying. “Recent highly publicized school shootings; reports of gang; young people obsessed with violent video games, movies, and song lyrics; and media prone to publicize all incidents of violence no matter how tragic or trivial have left us with a sense of crisis and eminent danger”. (Huffine, C. W. , 2003) Reliability, creditability, and validity becomes highly important when it shares information to individuals on this subject.

Being able to support facts and the subject at hand has to be done officially to allow the correct person which is the youth to understand the severity and the problem clearly. When identifying logical fallacies in the argument which is the effect of not being real and or false, this argument gives great logics for the reason of violence within. It provides the reader with the ability to understand evidence and negative effects of inappropriate video games. Within the article it even breaks down the issues of violence and desensitization to provide the best advice for the problem.

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