Negative impact Essay

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Negative impact

There is a proven link between the growing human population and the sustainability of the environment. In Florida’s case, the state has one of the highest rates of population growth in the U. S. with a rate of more than 25% over a period of 10 years (1990-2000), and the consumption (and over-consumption) of resources by this ever-increasing multitude has resulted in the degradation of the ecosystem’s health.

Aside from this, the products of human consumption (such as wastes) and human activities, have contributed to the upset in the biogeochemical cycle, and consequently, the ecosystem’s demise. For example, the collapse of Florida’s coastal ecosystems has been tied by scientists to overfishing. Wetlands too, are disappearing at an alarming rate. People are also encroaching upon the natural habitat of animals, displacing the native animal population.

For instance, this has lead to an increasing number of snakes and alligators in residential areas. What do you consider the greatest positive impact that humans have made in the same area? In Florida, water is a scarce and depleting resource. Because of the state’s high rate of population growth, scientists are estimating that water drawn from the largest potable water reservoir, the Florida aquifer, will run out by the year 2025.

The problem has escalated to a critical point that in Central Florida, potable water is not allowed to be used in irrigation. In 2002, Department of Environmental Protection has launched a statewide comprehensive Water Conservation Program for the public’s water supply. This program has garnered a lot of support and publicity from various sectors of society including the media, schools, even business establishments, and has resulted in further research in the area of water conservation and resource preservation.

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