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Essay on Negative Effects Of Technology

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Review of Wall E Animated Movie

Wall-E is a perfect movie since it apply non-human personalities to draw the audience in to its friendly environmental message. The movie applies the knowledge of ecology to depict that if it will act to safeguard earth again, it can still be used to repair it. The producer makes it to be more interesting through application of much imagery which attracts the attention of the audience. Basically, ...

Is Google Making Us Stupid

Carr purpose of writing this piece was to inform readers that technology has an effect on us whether you want to believe or not. It’s changing the way we think, write, read, and even study. Our capability to think on our own is slowly falling apart due to our obsessive need for technology. Although we find our savvy computers a major help to us, they aren’t really much help to us. We find ours...

Green Computing Technologies in Kenya

The way forward is to first focus on changing peoples’ opinions about green computing as a whole since a lot of the major adoption challenges are due to poor attitude and lack of information in general. It is only in this way that we can get people to see the importance of creating a self-sufficient country, and all the good it will do not only for the environment but for all citizens as well....

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Benefits and Risks of 3D/4D Ultrasound

3D/4D ultrasound scanning is a wonder technology which is gaining lot of importance in obstetric medicine. This method of scanning allows better visualization of the fetus and its parts, early and proper identification of anomalies and establishment of bond with the baby much before the baby is born. However, though there are no reports of side effects of these non-invasive procedures, researchers...

Is Google Making Us Stupid by Nicholas Carr

In response to advertisements being distracting, not only are there web sites containing few, if any, but humans generally ignore them as well. Thus, if it were definitively true that the intelligence Google provides was overall harmful, the blame could not be put on the corporation. Instead, the people whom the business adhere to are at fault. Because of these reasons, and the strong correlation ...

Virtual Reality for Society

This brings up another key controversy as to who should be in control of limiting this virtual world. If the government is in control it could likely be abused and mishandled. However, if society as a whole is left to contemplate its uses, the affects could be either good or bad. Although society knows a lot about virtual reality there is still so much that it doesn't know. Perhaps in the coming y...

Observations of a Large Mother

I have personally seen this in three (middle three) of my five children. They cannot focus on normal day to day tasks, they have this want/need for instant gratification, short tempers and attention spans. I find it so frustrating; I monitor the best that I can. I have the family link app on one child's phone, I remove all apps from cell phone devices, I make them use the cell phone the way it was...

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