Need and Respect Essay

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Need and Respect

MichelGerges 18/11/12 “ Respect is the key, they are many doors in life and basketball could be one but if you don’t get the key of respect then you will never get pass that door.” Many people that are trying to attract good things into their life have one major flaw. They do not respect what they seek. Our team desires to win and to succeed in the game of basketball but we do not the respect or mind set to do so. Respect is a very important factor in any sport. You must respect your teammates, your coach, the referee, the fans and your opponent. More importantly, you must respect the game. You must show up on time for games and practices and respect the rules of the game and the rules of the STM team. These rules were simple, the coaches did not ask for much from us. All they had asked for was for us to show respect for everyone on and off the court.

Another rule was to be a leader, in a way which you wouldn’t let your teammates disturb other leagues that go on in the church such as other sports league. Show them the respect that we would want back in return. By not telling our friends to stop fooling around then we don’t show any leadership. Leadership is also a way to show respect. We didn’t show leadership when Mina had asked us all to calm down and to get our friends to stop disturbing the league. Mina has better things to do on his Saturday mornings but he decides every morning to get up early to help us even though we have been nothing but ungrateful children who just want to play around and not play real basketball or find out what it’s really like to have the heart for the game. Also, coming into practice late and walking in as if you own the place is unacceptable.

It shows a lack of respect and self-discipline. We should treat this team as if it was a team outside of the church. Actually we should treat this with double the respect because this team is a privilege not a right. Not many of us have noticed that yet. Respect to me means being able to step in someone else’s shoes and take a look at life from a different point of view. Everybody has a story and a history we may never hear about, and we must be understanding and non-judgmental. It’s loving and caring for everyone around us, for we are all important pieces of the big puzzle that is life.

This is what I think respect means but it means many different things to different people and we need to learn to have one common ground with each other. This will help us to advance in life and succeed and this is the same thing with basketball. If we want to win games and win tournaments than we must have respect for all our coach and teammates. Mentally and physically. We need to sacrifice our body when working hard so that you are giving a hundred and ten percent on the court and not regretting it.

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