Necessity to study in Japan and future prospects Essay

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Necessity to study in Japan and future prospects

I am a sophomore student at the National University of Mongolia. I would like to study at the …. University as an exchange student for following reasons: I started learning Japanese from my second grade of elementary school. Afterwards, I had the great chance of visiting Japan twice, each for the duration of 3 months. It was a great experience for me as it broadened my views of the world and provided an opportunity to meet new people. I was also impressed by the kindness and honesty of the Japanese people and the magnificent development of the Japanese society. …. scholarship will give me opportunities to learn about Japanese university life, expand my eyes to campus intercultural diversity and increase my academic knowledge. After my return, I wish to build on my Japanese experience. Armed with both Japanese and Mongolian education and practice, I hope to excel in my field economics.

First of all, in …. University I will study with International students; meet different people with different cultures, which mean I will expend my knowledge of other culture. I hope it may lead to future cooperation. ….. is a prestigious and well known world university. I am sure that my peers will be the most gifted students. So I think I should be hard working and work as a team with such excellent students. East Asian countries have high developed economics. In my opinion, there are many things to learn from Japanese economic system. So, it is very important for our students to study at highly developed country like Japan. I wm willing to take part in development of our country.

2. Study plan in Japan:

If awarded this scholarship, I plan to take the following steps. During my time at ….. university, I plan to maximize my Japanese experience by taking several classes in Japanese and economics, both subjects which I am interested in. In my first semester I hope to take courses such as “……..” and Japan’s “……….” to create foundation. On that basis, in my second semester, I hope to take courses such as “…….” and “……..” to acquire a broader understanding of the subjects.

Of course, I hope to contribute my knowledge of economics and novel experiences in class. When I return to Mongolia, I will be able to utilize my leanings and analyze local facts and economic phenomenon deepening my knowledge of economics. To balance my studies and personal experiences, I also plan to be active in social activities in sports and culture. During my time at high school I started Kendo and enjoyed it very much. I hope to continue this sport and learn from the original masters. Through my active participation I will be able to make many friends who I will in turn invite to Mongolia one day. Such friendship may, in the future, lead to the basis of broader cooperation. Thank you for this opportunity.

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