Nazi Ideology Essay

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Nazi Ideology

Nazism also officially known as the National Socialism is defined as an ideology and practices that are influence by the National Socialist German Worker’s Party that is under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. In relation to this, Nazism is also regarded as political policies that were adopted by the dictatorial of Nazi Germany that took place from 1933 to 1945. Nazism strongly advocates the superiority of an Aryan race that makes the Germanic people stand above others.

During the leadership of Hitler, Nazis supported the centralized government that is led by the Fuhrer that claimed to have the responsibility of defending and protecting Germany and the German people in their country and abroad against the forces of Communism and Jewish subversion (Thomas). As such, the recurring themes of Nazism include extreme nationalism, xenophobia, and the glorification of the Aryan race (Levy 497). These themes of Nazism have put many negative effects for people that do not belong to the Aryan race especially for Jews as well as to the German themselves.

The themes of this ideology created prejudices and stereotypes against other races especially for the Jewish people that often become the cause of conflict and violent practices. Due to this, Jewish people and other races that Hitler deems as dirty or is a threat to the Aryan race are hunt down. The holocaust is a clear example of the violent practices that he implemented in line of the Nazis ideology. Nevertheless, the German people also experience the negative effect of this ideology as some of them experience xenophobia.

They think that they should not interact with other races especially those that they believe is a threat to their racial superiority. Lastly, Germans also have experience difficulties in interacting and relating with other races especially when they have the mentality that they are better as compared to them (Levy 497-498). Works Cited Levy, Richard S. Antisemitism. California: ABC-CLIO, 2005. Thomas, Robert. “The Nature of Nazi Ideology. ” 11 June 2009 <http://www. libertarian. co. uk/lapubs/histn/histn015. pdf>.

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