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Essay on Nazi Germany

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The Schlieffen Plan

This was a result of a series of cumulative events and factors. Ultimately, it was the German offensive in 1918 that was the event which lead to the end of the stalemate, as the German attacks and British counter-attacks broke the trench system, and for the last few week before the armistice, the war was again a war of movement. However, the German offensive would have never taken place if it were...

Free Speech

Within the same amendment the right can sometimes conflict with some or all of the other rights protected by the constitution. Balancing the rights of citizens with the demands of government is not a battle that will ever be won. Due to changes in the worlds ideas and cultures we must, as Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. suggested, be “Eternally Vigilant” (Holmes, Abrams v. United States, 1919) in pr...

The German Blitzkrieg in Poland

The Ardennes offensive in December 1944 was a final attempt to break out in the west; but by now the Allies held the initiative. The Prussia that opened in January 1945, and by April Berlin was under assault. On April 30 Hitler committed suicide, and on May 7 his successor, Admiral Doentiz, surrendered unconditionally. Conclusion The costs of war were horrifying. The loss which accounts for person...

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Treaty of Versailles Igcse Notes

Likewise, Turkey had been treated unfairly in order to satisfy France,Britain and Greece-the treaty of Sèvres only lasted three years. The Big three had proved to have failed with the problems caused by WW1 when war broke out again in 1939 and the Treaty became a long-term cause which Hitler chose to destroy. The treaty had finished ordinary German people rather than those who were responsible. I...

Anne Frank - Primary Source

She feels very putdown and discourage by the people surrounding her 24/7, that is until she finds comfort in Peter. Peter Van Daam was hardly of any interest to Anne upon meeting him but as the days dragged on in the secret annexe she finds herself intrigued by him. After spending some time together they develop a deep friendship, which leads to a loving, intimate relationship. Peter is Anne’s s...

Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination

No one is born to discriminate. Parents, peers and even mass media are teaching children as young as three to discriminate towards various groups of people. History has shown us just how far one person’s prejudice can go. It starts out as a basic stereotype towards one group of people and evolves into hate and discrimination that takes years to stop. Fortunately psychologists have seen the damag...

Germany in World War 2

The Blitzkrieg tactics and the weakness of Hitler's opposition were equally responsible for Hitler’s military success between 1939 and 1941 during the Second World War. Without the Blitzkrieg tactics the German Army simply would not have been able to defeat the Allied forces and without weaknesses of Germany’s opposition the Blitzkrieg tactics would have been defeated by the superior enemy for...

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