Nature versus nurture Essay

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Nature versus nurture

One of the oldest and most studied questions within all disciplines of psychology is the nature versus nurture debate. What influences us to think and act the way we do- nature or nurture? Use your text to get a better understanding of the meaning of NATURE and NURTURE (See Chapter One for a refresher). Write about your views on the Nature vs. Nurture Debate. Remember, YOUR opinion doesn’t have to be MY opinion. I want to know what YOU think. How do YOU analyze and critically think about this issue!

The objectives of the assignment include: 1) To clearly articulate the factual meanings of both sides of the controversy- nature AND nurture 2) To apply your knowledge of the nature and nurture debate to a particular psychological issue 3) To express your personal views and opinions of the nature and nurture debate to a psychological issue 4) To demonstrate your English skills by utilizing proper spelling, sentence structure and grammar throughout your paper 5) To follow proper (A. P. A style or M. L.

A style) formatting Paper Requirements: • Your paper must meet the five paper objectives (listed above) to earn full credit, using the rubric. • Your paper MUST include ONE to THREE pages of content, EXCLUDING the Title Page and References/Works Cited pages. • Use MLA or APA format (Include a Works Cited or Reference Page and in-text citations to cite your textbook and any additional sources. ) • You are encouraged to use the FREE PTC tutoring center if there are any questions about the assigned work.

• Cutting and pasting from websites or using someone else’s work will be considered as plagiarizing and result in a grade of ZERO (0) for this assignment. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are concerned that you may plagiarize or don’t know what plagiarism is, you should consult the PTC writing lab or the PTC English Department Resource Guide for assistance. ( http://www. ptc. edu/resource) Grading: • Your paper will be graded using the Nature vs. Nurture Rubric. • Be sure to observe the due date and refer to the syllabus on the policy for late papers. DUE DATE: _______ Nature vs. Nurture Rubric

|Requirements |0 -5 points |6 -13 points |14 -20 points |Points Received | |Understanding of Nature |Does not demonstrate an |Demonstrates a basic |Demonstrates a thorough | | | |understanding of Nature |understanding of Nature |understanding of Nature | | |Understanding of Nurture |Does not demonstrate an |Demonstrates a basic |Demonstrates a thorough | | | |understanding of Nurture |understanding of Nurture |understanding of Nurture | | |Expresses personal opinions |

Does not express personal opinions |Express personal opinion |Express personal opinion | | |(views) of Nature using |(views) of Nature using examples |(views) of Nature using |(views) of Nature using more | | |examples | |one example |than one example | | |Expresses personal opinions |Does not express personal opinions |Express personal opinion |Express personal opinion | | |(views) of Nurture using |(views) of Nurture using examples |(views) of Nurture using |(views) of Nurture using more | | |examples | |one example |than one example | | |.

Proper spelling, sentence |More than ten spelling, sentence |Five to ten spelling, |Less than five spelling, | | |structure, and grammar. |structure, or grammatical errors. |sentence structure, or |sentence structure, or | | |Followed Proper Formatting |Did not have meet MLA or APA |grammatical errors. |grammatical errors. Met all | | | |requirements |Partially met MLA or APA |MLA or APA requirements with a| | | | |requirements with a |minimum of one full page | | | | |minimum of one full page | | | | | | | |? /100 | |Total | | | | | Total Grade: ____.

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