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Go Green Speech Presentation
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The honorable, Miss Asmi Rusmanayanti as our speaking lecturer. Firstly. I would like to praise to the Almighty Allah SWT, because of His Blessing we are able to attend this speaking class. Secondly may peace be upon the prophet Muhammad Saw who has guided us from the darkness into the brightness. Ladies and gentlemen Before I deliver my speech, let me introduce may self. My name is Indrawati Husna. It is a great pleasure for me to be given the…...
EnvironmentGo Green Go CleanNaturenature,environmentSpeech Presentation
Rivers are drying up
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Lakes and other freshwater systems are being depleted. Most of the world’s water resources are under immense pressure. It is estimated that one fifth of all freshwater species either face extinction or are already extinct. Man made dams and global warming have changed the natural order of this planet. Around 45,000 dams block the world’s rivers, trapping 15% of the water. (Lean, Geoffrey: March 2006) Use of carbon dioxide is constantly on the rise. Levels of gas have increased by…...
Go Green Speech
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Introduction: According to the U.S Census Bureau, the world population is growing at a mindboggling rate. The world reached 1 billion people in 1800, 2 billion by 1922, and over 6 billion by 2000. It is estimated that the population will swell to over 9 billion by 2050. This means that if the world’s natural recourses were evenly distributed, people in 2050 will only have 25% of the resources per capita that people in 1950 had. Thesis: People need to…...
EnvironmentGo Green Go CleanNaturenature,environment
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Uses of Water
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1. For drinking and for life processes. On an average, a man consumes about 60,000 to 80,000 litres of water in his lifetime. The body of an adult contains nearly 40 to 50 litres of water at any given time and water constitutes about 66% of the average body make up. Aqueous solutions fill the cells in the body. Nutrients, oxygen, and metabolic waste products are transported by blood, which is mostly water. Digested food is absorbed in the form…...
?Recycling outline
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60 percent of the 200 million tons of garbage that Arabs produce yearly could be recycled. It may seem easy just to throw whatever people have finished using in the trash, but our wasteful ways have negative effects on the environment. The solution to this problem is to recycle. It is the best way to protect natural resources and to reduce the costs of processing garbage and of cleaning up. The citizens of the Arab world should start thinking seriously…...
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