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“Nature” by Ralph Waldo Emerson
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In Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay From Nature, what makes it so embracing is the harmony that exists between the natural world and human beings. Emerson describes true solitude as going out into nature and leaving behind all activities as well as society. When a man gazes at the stars, he becomes aware of his own separateness from the material world. The stars were made to allow him to perceive the "perpetual presence of the sublime." Unlike children, most adults have…...
“Nature and Self-Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Words • 557
Pages • 3
Ralph Waldo Emerson, nineteenth century poet and writer, expresses a philosophy of life, based on our inner self and the presence of the soul. Emerson regarded and learned from the great minds of the past. In his writings he says repeatedly that each person should live according to his own thinking. In Nature and Self-Reliance the central theme is do not seek answers outside of yourself. This main idea of Emerson's philosophy states that a man should learn to express…...
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