Nature and Nurture Essay

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Nature and Nurture

Today most people believe that nature and nurture influence human development together. Newborn infants enter the world with all sensory systems functioning and are well prepared to learn about their new environment. Newborn infants have some innate abilities when they were born. But these abilities are not enough to adapt a new environment. So they have to learn many skills and capacities about their environment.

This essay will discuss nature and nurture which stronger influences early human development. Nature plays important role in early human development. A remarkable number of personal characteristics are already determined by the genetic structure of the fertilized ovum. Our genes program our growing cells so that we develop into a person rather than a fish or chimpanzee. They decide our sex, the color of our skin, eyes, and hair and general body size, among other things.

These genetic determinants are expressed in development through the process of maturation-innately determined sequences of growth and change that are relatively independent of environmental events. (Text 2-1, lines 50-60) For example, the infants may be born congenital heart disease or color-blindness, these diseases will company with their life, and it is hard to change after they were born. Newborn infants can distinguish sounds of the human voice from other kinds of sounds, and they can distinguish between some speech sounds better than adults.

Newborn infants also can discriminate differences in taste and among odors shortly after birth. All of these are nature, the nature includes many things, such as intelligence, age at which children begin to talk, your ethnicity, when children start to walk. However, the nurture is stronger than nature in early human development. The mind of a newborn infant is a ‘blank slate’. What gets written on this slate is what the baby experiences – what he or she sees, hears, tastes, smells and feels.

During they grown up, different infants will become different persons. Newborn infants educated in school and learn skills about living. They try to improve their knowledge and self-cultivation. There are many things depend on nurture, such as beliefs about right and wrong, emotions like fear, happiness, and sadness, taste in fashion, personality traits, some habits or addictions, the type of person someone marry, among other things. And acquired studies decide whether or not you will be successful.

For example, if the mother contracts German measles during the first three months of pregnancy, the infants may be born deaf, blind or brain-damaged, depending on which organ system was in a critical stage of development at the time of infection. Maternal malnutrition, smoking, and consumption of alcohol and drugs are among the other environmental factors that can affect the normal maturation of the fetus. (Text 2-1,lines 69-80 ) And a newborn infant is disability but not means he or she will fail in life, he or she could keep up studying and overcome difficult.

A number of people did and achieved great success in life. So nurture strongly influences early human development. In conclusion, nature and nurture are both important in early human development. Nature gives human born abilities and nurture help human to develop the abilities. Nature gives innate things to human that people are almost the same when they were born. But nurture could change many things later. So nurture stronger than nature influences early human development.

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