Nature and Importance of the Study

Trisales Business Systems Corporation, built for almost 30 years already, is a company engaged in the business of retailing office equipment. Such equipment range from Photocopying machine, Fax machines, down to smaller ones such as calculators and electronic typewriters. Their main suppliers include big names in the appliance industry including Sharp Philippines, Copier Online, Epyon Corporation, Panasonic and Sanyo. TBSC is a small to medium in size. All in all, the company consist of no more than 50 employees, including the staff and the people in the managerial levels.

They cater to a number of clients around the Cebu province. TBSC is located in Ramos St., Cebu City.

The main aim of sales and stock inventory system is to hold the inventory records accurately and a healthier sales transactions with their costumers and suppliers. Manual recording is really giving them hard time in going thru further for their business. And because they include big names in the appliance industry with a number of clients around the Cebu province, they need to provide an accurate records of their transactions including their inventory as much as well.

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They also want to have a more secure business flow, and for a well-organized inventory and transaction records. To necessary avoid chaos when it comes to storing information. They believe that having a healthy system for their company is another way of showing their professionalism in the business industry.

Statement of the Problem

Below specified are the current problems faced by the Trisales Business System Corporation:

  • Time consuming transactions and inventory process

Without a system, recording transactions and conducting inventory is one of the most difficult and time-consuming job for their company.

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Their employees are spending most of his/her time jotting down all transactions for the day. By the end of the month, or whenever the company conducts the inventory of stocks, they have to dig through a whole pile of files to determine the number of sales from the previous workdays, to match it with the results of the inventory.

  • Inaccurate inventory of stocks and sales

TBSC nowadays is still using the manual recording of informations and data for their business. This causes their records in transactions and stocks to be misguided, filed inappropriately and cluttered. As result, there is difficulty in retrieving data, making analysis and making adjustments to the records.

  • Unsecured records of data and informations

The manual system of recording data in TBSC, to be direct to the point, unsecured. Anytime, it may get lost, edited or faded which is more prone to miscalculations and causing incorrect changes to the records.

  • Stocks outs and excesses of stocks in inventory

Shortages in the stock inventory can result in product delays to customers which will reduce their expectations to the company. A poor forecasting in the inventory is also leading them in excesses of stocks that results in additional costs to the organization in storage costs and funds tied up in unused stocks. If the company do not use inventory quickly after purchasing, the business will begin to lose money on the materials just because of their slow and unorganized scheme.

Objective of the System

The main objective of this study is to obtain answers to the questions stated above. We want to know the problems encountered by TBSC employees with regards to their information storing and accessing. Furthermore, we want to demonstrate how the system focuses on those information can be a determinant to improve customer service in Trisales Business Systems Corporation.

A Proposed Solution to the Problem

  1. To achieve a hassle-free, time bounded transactions and inventory process for the employees in-charge. That would lessen their time in spending on the process of doing transactions and inventory records. Equals more time for doing other productive tasks and to help create a healthier and more productive environment for TBSC.
  2. To determine and to minimize the errors in recording transaction and informations. Since TBSC is a growing company, the system will not only stores data, but also does analysis on day to day company transactions.
  3. To secured the company important files and records by having a log-in and password boxes as a gatekeeper. Also to prevent from editing forms and important data such as dates and amounts. iv) To control excesses of stock and to prevent stock outs. The system will function to update and arrange the stocks inventory in the appropriate order to give the precise count of their products to prevent excessing and stock outs in further.

Significance of the Study to the Tbsc and Company

The planned system significance is to minimize errors and confusion of the employees in recording. Importantly to organize and to give accurate records of the inventory and transactions, for the company to built-up in the industry. Mostly to give stand and to serve the customer’s wants on further.

To the fellow researcher the significance of this system is to give a vivid inner view on how the nature of technology will help our career along the way. To embolden researchers who has the same field as mine. There’s no easy way of having this study but it would be the best ever pleasure when that almost everyone in a company is using your programmed system.

To the proponents the significance of this study is to support everyone in the field of technology, and to stretch a bit of my knowledge in this field. This will serves as the proponents guide as they embrace the same field as mine. Importantly to give a healthier deal in the business industry.

The proposed system generally on the sales and stock inventory of the Trisales Business System Corporation. The system purpose is for the regular transactions and operation of their sales and inventory. The proposed system could minimize the problems stumble upon the company records of important data.

These are the scope for the proposed system:

  • Can build account. Employees could have their accounts, especially the person who’s in charge with the sales transactions and stocks inventory.
  • Accumulating Products. Through the system, adding new products for the business is more appropriate. The person in charge would just simply input the asked information to the system example: product id, product description, date delivered, pieces ect. The inputted information for the new product will be stored in the database, and could also easily access by the system.
  • Can manage sales transactions. The proposed system can manage sales. For example the client requested for a new office supply/product from TBSC. The system will simply ask the user to input some important data from the client and the system will automatically store it. The stored data and information can be used for further transactions with the client.


Registration in the system is done only by the administrator or the person in charge. Does not support network and internet topology, or online transactions. Storing of informations is limited, only important and the specified information in the system are allowed Multi-tasking could possibly done, but only for the given system for example; Entering data for the new arrived supplies while having the purchasing transaction. Could go through compatibility issues while installing the system. Because of the programmed used in creating the system.

In exploration, we find new techniques, new knowledge, even develop new substances, gadgets, equipment, processes or procedures, imagination and skill is employed by the researcher. The commodities, new devices, services, in technology are needs of man for a better fuller life which is the concern of the research. These useful arts are the products of the technological environment and the end-user is society in general. The fast growing trend and innovation in technologies today prompts researchers to conduct studies about the efficiency of system program.

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