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Essay on Nature

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Review of Language in Okefenokee Swamp

The author uses different devices throughout the passages to create and convey a certain tone for each swamp. In the first passage the swamp is seen as something that holds beauty and is inviting unlike in the second passage where the swamp seems more malicious and repelling. The author uses various levels of diction, detail and figurative language to convey the tone and attitude they had toward e...

Ecosystem-Based Management

This paper has shown that the ecosystem-based management approach to environmental stewardship is a great approach to take that helps satisfy the needs of the many stakeholders. There have been some great examples of successes of adopting the EBM such as The Great Barrier Reef, The Arctic and The Great Bear Forest. There have also been failures such as tracking of the Grizzly Bears in Alberta. The...

Temperate Grassland as Wonderful World Of Nature

The food supplied by farmlands is important, but so is this unique biome, and the plants and animals that live in the temperate grassland. Livestock farming and cereal farming are both practised by people living in the grassland areas. Livestock farming such as dairy farming and cattle ranching are possible because there are sufficient and suitable grasses for herbivores. The leaves and stems of g...

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The Sixth Sense: Intuition

The misconception of the sixth sense are mostly simple. Most of the views on the sixth sense have been only enhancements and/or abilities. The fact that animals are so much different than us make it difficult to compare them to us. We live in completely different world so the sense that we have are different, the abilities we obtain are different, and the instinct we develop is different. Look dee...

Nature in Lawson's Short Stories and Patterson's Ballad

Therefore, the short stories ‘Drover’s Wife’ and ‘In a Dry Season’ by Henry Lawson induce the monotony of the Australian outback and the sympathetic characters that struggle to survive everyday life. Audiences feel as though they as observers of the unromanticised short stories and are not a part of the world of the text. In contrast, the ballad ‘The Man From Snowy River’ by A.B. (Ba...

Floor Wax

Our research aims to put these problems away through the use of eggplant leaves, by the use of eggplant leaves we can eliminate the problems of toxic materials exposing human and plants and making the floor wax safe to dispose at the environment because it can degrade over time plus making it 2 times more cheaper and the most important part is we can retain results, texture and luster of a commerc...

Thanatopsis Analysis

like all of those around them. Therefore, nature teaches that one should live life to the fullest and enjoy everyday they have to bask in the glory of nature’s many gifts. When the time of death approaches, one should not be afraid of it, but rather embrace it as the closing of a life well lived. He should think of death as “lying down to pleasant dreams,” rather than fear it. Soon he, like ...

Causes of the Dust Bowl

In conclusion, drought, climate misconceptions, poor land management, and wind erosion were the four main causes of the agricultural tragedy of the 1930's. These four factors came together at the beginning of the 1930's to create what is now known as the Dust Bowl which lasted until the end of the decade. Thankfully, an environmental crisis like this has never taken place again in the United State...

Insect Repellent and Investigatory Project

The chemical ajoene found in garlic may help treat fungal skin infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot. Angiotensin II is a protein that helps our blood vessels contract thereby increasing the blood pressure. Allicin in garlic blocks the activity of angiotensin II and helps in reducing blood pressure and such, it is also one of the best ingredients in an insect repellant for it smells strong...

A Poem Rising Five by Norman Nicholson

The fact that we stop being human if we reduce life to numbers is conveyed in the seventh line of the first stanza when the poem reads "fifty-six months or perhaps a week more." The poet could have chosen to use the words "four years and eight months," but chose to use the words "fifty-six" to emphasize more on the numbers. Although these words aren't spoken by the boy it is an emphasis on the usa...

Freemark Abbey Case

If it is known with certainty that the storm would hit the best alternative is expected revenue of $34,200 vs. $34,080. Under the assumption that the thin wine must be sold in bulk for 50% of the value at $12,000, if it is clear the storm would not hit than it is better to wait and attain EMV of $37,200 vs. $34,200. With prior knowledge the EMV would be (.5)(34,200)+(.5)(37,200) = $35,700. Without...

The Pangaea Theory

The salt range area contains highly fossiliferous stratigraphic sequences. Permian sequences contains wide range of fossils, the lower part contains cold while its upper part has water fauna and flora. Lower Eocene’s Kuldana Formation contains vertebrate fauna of whales. The successions in Cretaceous age contain vertebrates like rodents, artiodactyls, bounodonts, anthracobunid and proboscideans....

Differences In The Hazards

In all cases the human factors exacerbate the hazard. In Montserrat they settled on the volcano, making it easy for them to be affected. They had a low perception of risk posed by the volcano. However while the human factors exacerbate the hazard, it is the volcano itself that dictates the hazard. Whether it be that the lava is of low viscosity than the volcano poses less of threat as eruption wil...

Denudation Processes

When the needles melt and collapse during the day, the removed particles will roll downhill, resulting in mass movement on a small scale. There are 18 glaciers in Mt. Ruapehu. E. g. Wangahu and Summit Plateau. Glaciers, which are huge bodies of ice, move downhill under the influence of gravity. As they move through the mountain, they tear away blocks of rock off of the floor and the walls of valle...

Nature of Echolocation Mechanism in Bats

Bats are gifted mammals that only use echolocation to detect the environment and their prey in the environment. It is difficult for us humans to understand the complex organization and working of the audio cortex, the emitting organs and neurons of bats. However, the scientists have been successful in understanding the organization of neurons around the cortical areas of the bats using echolocatio...

Monitoring the Brown Pelican Colony in Nature

In conclusion, the Texas Parks and Wildlife has provided a wide range of exploring experiences about Brown Pelican and other species. This will ensure me prepare a presentation to my peers on my research findings. I chose presentation because it will enable me to craft the content of what Brown Pelican is all about by way of introducing the species to my intended audience and giving a proper evide...

Comparison of literature - Relationship with nature

Explanation: He tends to use it to describe the positivity and happiness he feels because of the daffodils. C. Example, Reason, Detail, or Fact from the text: Another thing that proves his happiness in the poem is the fact that in the beginning, he said he wandered lonely as a cloud, meaning he was walking about aimlessly as he felt alone. D. Explanation: Then he saw a whole crowd of daffodils, an...

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

You were brought into this world for a purpose, and your futures, all of them, have been decided (81). ” Real humans are brought into this world for a purpose and they have free will, not like these clones and it is not right. As a real human, clones should have a chance to choose as we all do. Later, when they were thirteen years old they were told that they will not going to be able to have ba...

Green Roof in Toronto

Many cities all over the world are providing incentives to builders to include green roofs in their building plans so that individuals as well as society at large can enjoy the benefits from its implementation. Even though the initial costs are high in comparison with the conventional roofs, once implemented it can provide long term cost benefits in energy costs alone leaving aside all other indir...

Oceanography - An Overview

Small animals which inhibit deep seas are found on the ground such as sessile, burrowing animals and swimming animal they usually get food through interrelations with other organism which include food web. Therefore, those organisms which live in these two distinct areas have different survival rate. Therefore, oceanography despite of its various amazing features which are formed mainly by current...

The Intermountain Region

Now, will be moving on to the settlement patterns of the Intermountain Region. Climates in the Intermountain Region also make for an unappealing living area, going from extremes of being either cold and wet or hot and dry. As these climates are so inhospitable, vegetation is few and far and do not make for easy access to produce, etc... Most areas of the Intermountain Region are thinly populated b...

Blue Gold

Today, I bought myself a Ethos water bottle from Starbucks and it was sold at a whooping price of almost $3! That is more than a dollar more than a cup of coffee! Watching this movie definitely changed my perspective of water and I am more aware of the situation. I would recommend others to watch this short documentary because the more people aware of the situation, the more people that are willin...

Mineral Exploration

It is exercised in all the countries as a way of indicating to the government the area that a company wishes to explore further in detail. The license required to stake a claim can be applied for at a mining recorder's office. Once a claim is staked and approved by the appropriate government agency, it gives the company the exclusive right to explore that section of ground for a specific time....

Quantitative Genetics

Whereby N is the figure/ number of alleles in total (6) while M is the number/ figure of upper case alleles in a given class. One way to understand this formula is as the number of methods of choosing a particular plant can have M upper case alleles out of N. At times we say N chooses M for this. N for our illustration is 6. This means that when M is zero there is just one way to get the number of...

The Nurture Assumption

People will not engage in healthy lifestyles because they will believe that, it doesn't matter what they do, genes will dictate their fate. We will also see an increase in crime rate because people with the "bad gene" would be able to get away with crimes because it's not their responsibility; it's "their genes' fault. " We do know that our genes determine our physical properties, like whether we ...

Niagara Falls

In the Pursuit of Winning: Problem Gambling Theory, Research and Treatment. Springer, 2007. The source speaks about the anti tax attitude and pro to gambling rejecting the possible threats and loss of revenue for the legendary natural site. This has been done by conducting a survey in the Niagara area. The business minded individuals opted for the casinos and spinning wheels to gamble to get the e...

A Poem Spinster by Sylvia Plath

“And round her house she set such a barricade of barb and check against mutinous weather as no mere insurgent man could hope to break”, -the lady made herself closed from any intimate attachment/acquaintance or she had built this emotional hurdle for this thing. “…with curse, fist, threat or love, either”- I think this line has something to do with not just pain from heartbreak but also ...

Analysis of the Poem: The Darkling Thrush

L30-32: The final 3 verses of the last stanza are very important as they will change the view of the speaker. Indeed the “happy good night air” of this bird “some blessed Hope” which is conveyed to be brought through to the speaker by this thrush “whereof he knew, and I was unaware” The speaker here conveys the relief and comfort and wisdom that was brought to him through the natural w...

Formation of Grand Canyon

Currently the rate of erosion has drastically reduced because the River is eating the harder schists and granites that are at the bottom of the canyon compared to the previous softer rocks (Mathew 66). Various factors have come together in creating this unique physical feature. Geologists and researches have analyzed the situation in Grand Canyon, and bring into focus the wide factors, which contr...

The Formation of Coastal Landforms

This is seen by an example of old Harry and his wife who is the stump alongside. In conclusion Coastal landforms such as Headlands, Stumps and Bays are formed from hydraulic action of the waves weakening parts of the coastline which then allows other methods such as weathering and erosion to form new landforms such as stacks which result from the erosion of headlands. Factors such as fetch and roc...

The Amoeba Falls

Being swallowed by the host it then implants itself in the stomach or throat. Leaving infection of the liver, lungs, and heart. When an amoeba is coming from another species it is normally a parasite. One infection is Amoebiasis, which is a gastrointestinal infection. These amoebas can lay dormant for a while undetected. Contracting this infection is done thru dirty hands, fecal-oral route, or eve...

Rogue Waves as Natural Disasters

One scientific mechanism which has assisted current research is the Benjamin-Feir (BF) instability, discovered in the 1960s, that attempted to create a perfectly regular series of waves in a wave tank under the hypothesis that a regular series of waves will always become irregular and some waves will be higher than others (Garrett & Gemmrich 63). Application of the BF instability provides one ...

Akapulko Case

Akapulko is a coarse, erect, branched shrub, 1.5 to 3 meters high. Leaves are pinnate and 40 to 60 centimeters long, with orange rachis on stout branches. Each leaf has 16 to 28 leaflets, 5 to 15 centimeters in length, broad and rounded at the apex, with a small point at the tip. Leaflets gradually increase in size from the base towards the tip of the leaf. Inflorescences are terminal and at the a...

Red-Eared Slider Turtle

The graph and charts show that age of a turtle is not related with the size of a turtles shell. The graph shows that the youngest turtle has biggest shell. The graph shows that the size of the shell is not determined by the age of the turtle. There are many reasons why a turtles shell might have lost some of its scutes. When determining the age by counting the scutes you can always be of by one to...

Easter Island by the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen

Many questions have to be asked and the answer have to be legit because we are building skyscrapers left to right but what land are we building it on and whose environment are destroying by having these skyscrapers built. We are only benefitting human life but not thinking of the animal and plant life that have help us to be where we are today. With the way that we live today there might not be an...

Save Nature For Future

Our population is growing very quickly and resources are becoming scarcer every day. We should want to preserve and conserve the natural world around us. Whether a person believes that another living thing has rights or not, they should still treat it with respect and care. One person or a small group of people should not make the ultimate decisions on what is considered worthy of life or unworthy...

Biodiesel Production

Transesterification of a vegetable fat was showed as initial as 1853 by Patrick Duffy, four decades afore the first diesel engine became serviceable. Rudolf Diesel's prime model, a single 10 ft iron cylinder with a flywheel at its base, contended on its own power for the first time in Augsburg, Germany, on 10 August 1893 running on nothing but peanut oil. In commemoration of this event, 10 August ...

Primate Studies

Dr. Bill Sellers wrote an article, "Primate Behaviour", as it is already mentioned in the title what the article is about. He described in his article that their basic behavior. One of the behaviors is dominance. Primates, as for the most part gathering living creatures will in general structure what are known as "strength chains of importance". Creatures higher in the chain of command will, in ge...

Plants of Western Himalayas

The present study documents total of 1200 species belonging to 783 genera and 148 families. Of these, 769 genera and 1184 species belongs to angiosperms and 14 genera and 16 species are gymnosperms. Total 148 families (140- Angiosperms, 8- Gymnosperms). Out of 140 angiospermic families, 116 are dicotyledon and 24 are monocotyledon. The dicotyledonous taxon represented by 610 genera and 938 species...

Prosopis Juliflora

{Sawal1993} reported that only mature pods should be fed animals, because green pods contains some anti-nutritional factors.Phytate is known to reduce the bioavailability of a quantity of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper and manganese to animals. Similarly using of green immature pods caused weight loss, and reduced appetite loss, weakness, alopecia, nervous symptoms, fever,...

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