Natural sciences that make them convincing

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Inherent beliefs held by different groups studying the aspect of human science could also make it unconvincing. The fact is that history has multiple points of view, and even though there is a solid, concrete fact that a war started, it is useless unless there are reasons as to why the war was started; that would lead to different interpretations that could bring out clashes and make the study of human sciences very unconvincing. We choose what we want to believe, and the issue regarding human sciences is that it is created by humans.

In natural sciences, we observe the behaviors of outside objects, and the study is rather objective, so facts and figures are reliable because they are based on what actually happened. In human sciences, though, the knowledge is more abstract, interperative and subjective. In natural sciences, we analyze more quantitatively, and in human sciences, we observe more qualitatively. It is hard to dispute analysis, not impossible, but just difficult; however, disputing observations is much easier, which makes human sciences an area of knowledge where the knowledge could be more difficult to convince to the subject studying the information.

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Just as human sciences are difficult to convince because of language, perception and emotion, it may be also be the easiest thing to convince using language, perception and emotion. Human science is convincing when fear is stimulated; when desperation looms, and when people are irrational. Just as most humans will usually be cooperative while held at gunpoint, the study of human sciences is easy and easy to convince when the subjects are at fear or simply just brainwashed.

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Human sciences use language.

If language is crass, harsh, and extreme,-describing abject events and horrifying scenes-people become intrigued and would want to know more. They may not necessarily be convinced, but it lures them in. Language has been used for centuries in human sciences in the form of propaganda. Just as Hitler used radios telling his courage, and books depicting the Jewish people as mushrooms, and Stalin used posters of his achievements while flying his face in the sky, the language and message sent through a propaganda can indoctrinate and stimulate fear and desperation that is followed by a heroic savior.

Just as Hitler declared himself, “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise”1, propaganda using skilled language and twisted reason that appeals to emotion can mask anything and convince anyone. His propaganda that portrayed him interacting with the youth depicted him as a leader caring for the youth and the future of the world, even though historians know today that he had a very different motive.

2 Propaganda must appeal to the citizens who perceive it. The knowledge of perception has to be so great for indoctrination of citizens, that one thing it will touch will be the emotional side of the people subjected to indoctrination, and fear is the key goal of any person whose main objective is to convince. Fear and the unknown is what makes human science the most convincing. Fear and a reason to hate the enemy will make theories in human sciences seem valid to the people who study it.

In North Korea, the Kim dynasty consisting of Kim Il Sun, Kim Jong Il and the newly crowned Kim Jong Un has ruled the tightly gripped nation with an iron fist for decades. Asides from the propaganda, the language area of knowledge, they use fear to stimulate and keep their citizens loyal. They warn their citizens about the evils of the West, the demon America, and the greatness of North Korea. Their history students denounce America and look at the Kim family as heros for offering intranet to their school systems, unaware of the privileges of the rest of the world.

They take Stalin, Mao Zedong and Che Guerva as their heros because that is what they are indoctrinated with. The Kim dynasty would never be able to indoctrinate if it weren’t for repressing their citizens to fear. Teachers of natural sciences and human sciences know to appeal to the ways of knowing when teaching their subject. Natural sciences rely on reason that can be drawn from quantitative or qualitative data. It relies on the credibility of the people doing the study/creating the theory, and it relies on pictoral elements to depict and give perception to the results of the study.

The logic and tested steps of the scientific procedure is a step by step logic analysis that gives reason to analyzing scientific beliefs. The human sciences are convincing due to the use of language, perception and emotion. Subjectivity and qualitative analysis are th two main points that are manipulated in the teaching of human sciences. The language can be twisted which can twist perception and emotion and stir extreme emotions in the people studying a given topic in human sciences; when extreme emotions are stirred, convictions are drawn, and actions are taken.

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