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Natural science

Indeed, ethical concerns inter disperse all areas of knowledge. Ethical choices often need to be made, for example in the case of stem cell research in biology. Some believe it is morally right to further research in this area, as it can greatly help or cure people who are sick, injured or disabled. On the other hand, some believe that it is wrong to exploit and destroy that which could potentially be a person (as stem cell research requires the removal of stem cells from an embryo, destroying the embryo in the process).

Mathematics and natural sciences are not always objective, nor is any other area of knowledge.

We must consider ethical implications of our actions in all fields of research, even those based on reason and logic, because these rules govern our way of life. Natural science is invaluable in the pursuit of historical fact. Forensic science uses specialist techniques in crime detection to recreate history using the scientific method.

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This means we cannot disregard science when studying history, because so much of what we know about history is discovered through the natural sciences. Although mathematics and the human sciences are different areas of knowledge, they are closely linked.

In economics for example, economists are constantly looking for a trend of why the stock market behaves the way it does. They look for mathematical relationships, so they can predict the outcome of stock in the future. Similarly, geography looks at the studies of human population. A popular graph in understanding people is the demographic transition model.

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This is as a result of research conducted of other individuals, and formulated into a general graph, for easy interpretation. However, these two areas of knowledge can be in contrast to each other.

Humans are an unpredictable species, and for this reason mathematical principles cannot be applied. While numbers remain constant (4 will always equal 4), humans are constantly changing with new experiences. So, while often demographics can help us understand societies, it is very difficult to make predictions about human behaviour, let alone from a mathematical theorem. Natural sciences and mathematics do contribute to our understanding of the world and us, but the unpredictability of human behaviour means we cannot use logic and reason exclusively. A further area of knowledge is the arts, which comprises of a huge range of human creativity.

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