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Vermicomposting methods
Words • 574
Pages • 3
Introduction The most widely used vermicomposting system, worldwide, is the 'bed' method, which involves applying thin layers of sanitised and partially matured compost, to the surface of beds containing high densities of earthworms. New layers of waste are applied to beds on a regular basis and the earthworms move upwards into the fresh waste to feed and to process the material. Earthworm numbers increase as more waste is applied until a limiting density is reached. Harvesting earthworms by hand The…...
The Holderness Coast
Words • 2888
Pages • 12
Introduction The Holderness coast refers to a section of the East Coast from Flamborough Head to Spurn Point. The total distance of this coastline is 50 kilometres from the North to the South. The rocks in this area consist mainly of softer rocks, such as Chalk, Boulder Clay, Gravel and Sand. This one of the reasons why the coastline is eroding at a very fast rate. The other reason is because of the powerful effect of the artic 'long fetch'…...
Renewable Energy In The Netherlands And Turkey Environmental Sciences Essay
Words • 5161
Pages • 21
Due to the limited dodo beginnings and the pollution ensuing from utilizing fossil beginnings states have seen an increasing accent on renewables. This paper looked at the developments in renewables in the Netherlands and Turkey by showing the fiscal and political chances. The Netherlands is a guide land in renewable and renewables has besides been going more and more of import in Turkey. This paper indicates Turkey has great potency in the renewables arena and performs better than most EU…...
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How we pay for using natural resources
Words • 801
Pages • 4
For decades, humans use natural resources for their development. Today, we pay for this exploitation. Human lifestyle are responsible of many effects on environment: global warming, climate change, depletion of Ozone layer, deforestation, pollution, extinction of species… With depleting resources of nature, certain ways to save the environment have to be formulated. But who can do something to save the planet: people or governments? This essay will discuss this issue. Firstly, during years, people doesn’t pay attention to the environment…...
Impact of increasing oil prices on Ryanair
Words • 513
Pages • 3
"Oil prices almost doubled in Q1 from $61 to $117 (per barrel) as our fuel bill rose 93% to �367m. Fuel now represents almost 50% of our total operating costs compared to 36% last year." (Ryanair, 2008: 1) Following this statement from Ryanair first quarter results report 2009, I will analyze fuel prices as an external economical impact affecting Ryanair's total operating costs. "Ryanair is Europe's largest low fares airline" (Ryanair, 2008: 3) carrying "approximately 58 million scheduled passengers" (Ibid.).…...
Crude Oil – Uses, Shortages and Alternatives
Words • 991
Pages • 4
Crude oil is fractionally distilled to be used as other useful fuels to make cosmetics and plastics and much more. This is done my fractional distillation which is where the crude oil is heated to make it evaporate it then cools down which causes it to condense and then it can be used as more useful fuels. Crude oil is used to make allot of different things here are just a few: Petrol - for fuelling cars/ motor vehicles etc.…...
Plastic Water Bottles and Natural Resources
Words • 214
Pages • 1
Water is one of our greatest natural resources. It is a necessary source for all living things on Earth. Humans consume water to satisfy thirst and keep their bodies hydrated. Regular consumption of water has many health benefits and promotes effective body operations. Therefore, it is not surprising that mankind has been developing ways to store and carry this resource since the very beginning of time. Over the last several decades manufacturers of bottled water believe they have finally gotten…...
Impact of Oil Pulling on Body and Skin
Words • 449
Pages • 2
Oil-pulling!!! Sounds familiar? Chances are that many of you are hearing this term for the first time. Well, it is a traditional Ayurvedic detoxifying technique that is supposed to have numerous health benefits such as give healthy teeth, make cleaner skin, and many more. Gandusha and Kavala Graha as it is called in Sanskrit; are traditional pulling practices that have different processes. In Gandusha, the mouth is filled with oil, which is held in the mouth for 3-5 minutes and…...
Natural Resources in Zimbabwe
Words • 2063
Pages • 9
Introduction Inequality with regards to natural resources in Zimbabwe has always been an issue as the select few were previously owners of vast of the natural resources. One such resource is land, which has always been a source of political conflict since colonisation, both within indigenous black communities and, especially, between white settlers and the black rural communities. Colonial policies gave a minority of white farmers' ownership of large areas of arable commercial land, while a majority of black families…...
Validation Test for Using Diesel Oil
Words • 699
Pages • 3
The GC analysis results from the table shows that almost all the common FAMEs content are present in the micro algae biodiesel. The most common fatty acids of microalgae are Palmitic-(hexadecanoic-C16:0), Stearic-(octadecanoic-C18:0), Oleic (octadecenoic-C18:1), Linoleic-(octadecadienoic-C18:2) and Linolenic-(octadecatrienoic-C18:3) acids [Knothe, G.2009]. Higher oleic acid content decreases the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CPPF) for use in cold regions [Stournas et. Al 1995] and increases oxidative stability for longer storage [Knothe, G.2005]. So higher Oleic Acid content of Heterotrophic Chlorella Protothecoides Microalgae biodiesel…...
Oil and GCC Countries
Words • 1537
Pages • 7
Economic crisis is a situation in which the economy of a country experiences a sudden downturn brought on by a financial crisis. An economy facing an economic crisis will most likely experience a falling GDP, a drying up of liquidity and rising or falling prices due to inflation or deflation. An economic crisis can take the form of a recession or a depression. In our modern time, the world has gone through several economic crises such as the financial crisis…...
Cooking Oils
Words • 932
Pages • 4
Introduction to Cooking Oils Frying is one of the easiest and most popular ways of cooking as it produces exceptional flavor, moisture and crunch. It delivers the GBD or golden, brown and delicious, food characteristic, or the ultimately desired food quality. Cooking oil, the basic requirement for the process, has increasing demand in the market. Time identified olive oil as the healthiest cooking oil. Extra virgin olive oil contains a large amount of monounsaturated fats and some polyunsaturated fatty acids;…...
Internship in Oil Rocks
Words • 2389
Pages • 10
The main purpose of this report is to reveal information about the period of internship that occurred in Oil Rocks from 10th June until 21st June. In this document I will share and explain all processes and actions that we have done and learned in 10 days and write detailed information for each day. Furthermore, in this special document, it will be also possible to know and understand brief information about the history of this place, different parts of it,…...
Diagenesis on clastic substance rocks result on reservoir quality1 IntroductionAccording to Pettijohn
Words • 1828
Pages • 8
Diagenesis on clastic substance rocks: result on reservoir quality1. IntroductionAccording to Pettijohn, Potter and Siever (1972), diagenesis refers to all or any physical and chemical processes that are a part of post-depositional connected to fresh deposited grains/sediments before metamorphism's realm begins. though there's no clear data of the boundaries between diagenesis and geological process one will argue that diagenesis takes place at temperatures below 250 degrees, at pressures below one thousand bars and at most depths of thirty kilometer. Fig.1:…...
Oil and Gas Reservoir Protection During the Process of Drilling
Words • 936
Pages • 4
Introduction: A petroleum reservoir or oil and gas reservoir is a subsurface pool of hydrocarbons contained in porous or fractured rock formations. Petroleum companies extract crude oil from the Earth using a perforation in the Earth's surface called an oil well. Crude oil is a liquid form of petroleum. In addition, wells provide natural gas. Oil wells are 5 to 36 inches in diameter. The drill bit breaks through the ground and drilling fluid brings the cuttings to the surface.…...
Egocentrism as a Cause of Environmental Issues
Words • 1618
Pages • 7
I will be defending the position for a more ecocentric approach towards mining. By examining the anthropocentrism that is mining and the type of mining and how it affects the natural world.Around the second half of the of the 20th century, the world began to go through devastating changes in the environment. The air began to become filthy, species were beginning to die at record numbers. People started to notice these impacts and began questioning the human responsibility that has…...
Can Alternative Energy Replace Fossil Fuels An Environmental Sciences
Words • 1544
Pages • 7
At the beginning of the 21st century people started to realize that fossil fuels are not renewable and they are consumed too quickly so people believe that there will not be a source for future generations. Activists try to tell people about the consequences of lack of energy in terms of economy or environment, so consciousness of the situation increases each day with the help of activists. However, the public and also the government do not do anything to amend…...
The Dales to the Border
Words • 549
Pages • 3
The Northumberland and Durham coalfield is the second most important in England. The large reserves of coal, which are used to operate electric power stations, made the North grow enormously. Iron and steel: there is a large production of iron and steel, which provides the raw material for machinery, heavy engineering and ship building. Textile industry: the woolen industry is largely concentrated in a small group of towns in Yorkshire, among the hills and valleys of the Pennines. The cotton…...
Price Fluctuations in Oil and Gas Markets
Words • 698
Pages • 3
What are the major risks Apache faces? As an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, Apache is exposed to a myriad of risks stemming from price fluctuations in oil and gas markets. As we see in the case, Apache has 80 percent of its proven resources in the United States, which puts the company at a disadvantage should oil prices rise significantly. When oil prices rise, production tends to shift away from domestic sources, as oil is relatively…...
Biodiesel in Malaysia
Words • 1856
Pages • 8
In the United States, the majority of biodiesel is made from soybean or canola oils, but is also made from waste stream sources such as used cooking oils or animal fats. Biodiesel is a diesel replacement fuel that is manufactured from vegetables oils, recycled cooking greases or oils, or animal fats. History of biodiesel around the World Transesterification of a vegetable oil was conducted as early as 1853 by scientists E. Duffy and J. Patrick, many years before the first…...
Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline
Words • 650
Pages • 3
Although significant oil reserves have been found in the early 1970s, these could not be developed because: 1- Chad is a landlocked country with limited domestic demand; 2- civil war prevented the creation of a stable investment environment and caused the departure of several investors. Since peace was established in 1990, investors and the World Bank returned to Chad for developing its oil reserves. In order to justify the large investment, access to the world market was sought via a…...
Coal Is Just Not Black Gold
Words • 4558
Pages • 19
Based on the literature and observations, he then proposes few strategic recommendations to improve organisational effectiveness both to Law makers and to company. INTRODUCTION Coal India Limited (CIL) is a Government of India Undertaking, Maharatna (Country’s Jewel) company which employees 400,000 people approximately as of April’12. In ended last financial year, with net annual sales of 15 billion dollars, and a net annual operating profit of 3 billion dollars approximately by producing coal from its 466 Coal mines across India…...
Coconut Oil
Words • 269
Pages • 2
The United States Food and Drug Administration, World Health Organization, International College of Nutrition, the United States Department of Health and Human Services,  American Dietetic Association, American Heart Association, British National Health Service, and Dietitians of Canada recommend against the consumption of significant amounts of refined/hydrogenated coconut oil due to its high levels of saturated fat. Advocacy against coconut and palm oils in the 1970s and 80s due to their perceived danger as a saturated fat caused companies to instead…...
Factional Distillation of Crude Oil
Words • 489
Pages • 2
This process is called fractional distillation. You basically heat crude oil up, let it vaporize and then condense the vapour The various components of crude oil have different sizes, weights and boiling temperatures; so, the first step is to separate these components. Because they have different boiling temperatures, they can be separated easily by a process called fractional distillation. The steps of fractional distillation are as follows: You heat the mixture of two or more substances (liquids) with different boiling…...
Global Oil Crisis
Words • 1375
Pages • 6
Whenever we talk about world energy source issues, everyone shows concern because the oil prices are increasing all the time. In addition, energy sources are depleting and will be exhausted one day. This phenomenon is called “the global oil crisis”. According to a theory by King (1956), all nations around the world will face an oil production crisis following a bell shaped curve based on the limits of exploitability and market pressure. Of course, not every nation will be faced…...
Pakistan State Oil
Words • 460
Pages • 2
As according to BCG MATRIX are those compounds which have high growth rate and big share in the market so here in the case of Pakistan State Oil CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is included in stars because the CNG of PSO is very pure and the pressure of CNG on the petrol pumps is very high but whereas the CNG of other petrol pumps is not very pure. The CNG of other petrol pumps also contain small amount of air…...
Charcoal: Recycling and Untapped Natural Resources
Words • 244
Pages • 1
Paper waste fuel is recommended as a safe alternative to charcoal or even other forms of fuel because it has no chemicals and can be prepared easily. One of the main problems in our country is economy. The best way to achieve quality life is to engage in a profitable and economical way of living. This condition maybe achieved if every citizen is self sufficient in food, clothing and shelter. Many poor families live in the city and their income…...
Virgin Coconut Oil
Words • 522
Pages • 3
VCO is now getting global credibility as the healthiest and flexible oil in the world. The Philippines is among the best sources of virgin coconut oil and it's appeal in the nation is legendary. Although not an herb, we chose to make an article about VCO because of the growing interest on the oil and after getting a number of queries from our visitors. Virgin coconut oil and routine coconut oil is rich in Lauric Acid, an essential fatty acid…...
Natural Resources of Bangladesh
Words • 784
Pages • 4
There are 22 found gas fields in Bangladesh of numerous sizes. The total reserve of 20 gas fields is about 26 Tcf (trillion cubic feet). Gas in the majority of the fields is dry, in a few fields it is damp. For instance at Beanibazar (16 bbl/mmcfg), Jalalabad (15 bbl/mmcfg), and Kailashtila (13 bbl/mmcfg). Currently, natural gas accounts for more than 70% of the total industrial energy intake and the major part of the future energy need would be met…...
Natural Resources/Remedies For Common Health Problems
Words • 781
Pages • 4
Centuries before to cure the common diseases mostly people were used to the natural ingredients. The use of natural resources can be thought a way of glorifying the information about the lifestyle of past people. Natural health remedies have very powerful and healthy effects. The at-home pharmacist There are so many ways of self treatment nowadays but always remember some natural remedies don't play effectively like medicine or maybe it will be risky for some people with specific conditions. So…...
The Dangers of Land Degradation
Words • 1454
Pages • 6
Soil is one of the most important natural resources of man. Soils are essential for man for growing crops, fodder and limber. Once the fertile portion of the earth's surface is lost, it is very difficult to replace it. In India, the destruction of the top-soil has already reached an alarming proportion. Land degradation problems have resulted in increasing depletion of the productivity of the basic land stock through nutrient deficiencies. In addition to the direct loss of crop producing…...
River Systems Between India and Nepal
Words • 887
Pages • 4
There are minor problem areas regarding sharing of river waters between India and Nepal and mechanisms are in place for joint exploitation of the water resource (Dipak Gayawali, 'Basics of Nepali hydro-diplomacy' para 3 pp 23-47). Management of the Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali river systems is vital for the prosperity of both the countries. They have entered into a large number of multipurpose projects for joint utilization. Some important details are discussed in subsequent paragraphs. Figure 4 - Major Rivers…...
Human Activities and the Loss of Natural Resources
Words • 815
Pages • 4
Natural resources consisting of soil, water, forest, mineral and biodiversity have been repeatedly ruined all over the world by human beings. "Since 1970, over 600,000 square kilometers (232,000 square miles) of Amazon rainforest have been damaged" (Butler, 2011). The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) estimated that "soil erosion carries away a volume of soil equivalent to one metre deep over 200,000 hectares every year in the Philippines." In Asia, where water has actually always been considered a plentiful resource, per…...
Impact on Environment by Mining
Words • 1914
Pages • 8
Introduction Jungles are the greatest source of oxygen, wood and medications on this earth. Amazon rain forest is known for alluvial gold deposits. Gold is found both in river channels and at the banks of the river after floods (floodplains). Hydraulic mining techniques are utilized for mining gold. The technique includes blasting at the banks of the river. This has actually caused irreversible damage to trees, birds and animals. While separating the sediment and mercury from the gold-yielding gravel deposits,…...
Physics Report on Alkanes and Alkenes Reaction Rates
Words • 645
Pages • 3
Introduction Alkanes are hydrocarbons with only single bonds between the atoms. Saturated hydrocarbon is the other term for it. They are used as fuels because they are non-reactive and also do not conduct electricity. For this reason they do not form hydrogen bonds and are insoluble in solvents such as water while alkenes are hydrocarbons that contain at least one carbon-to-carbon double bond. Unsaturated hydrocarbons are the other term for alkenes. They are stable compounds, but more reactive than alkanes…...
Hydraulic Fracturing
Words • 377
Pages • 2
“Fracking,” or hydraulic fracturing, is a controversial technology that was originally developed over 60 years ago. It allows us to obtain oil and hydrocarbons from otherwise inaccessible underground locations by drilling thousands of feet into the Earth and intentionally fracturing the shale. The oils and hydrocarbons are collected and then refined into pipeline quality natural gas. Natural gas is cleaner, more reliable, and more abundant than other fossil fuels. In recent years, people in America have become more concerned with…...
Hydroelectricity Essay
Words • 3495
Pages • 14
Hydroelectricity Hydroelectricity is the term referring to electricity generated by hydropower; the production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water. It is the most widely used form of renewable energy. Once a hydroelectric complex is constructed, the project produces no direct waste, and has a considerably lower output level of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) than fossil fuel powered energy plants. Worldwide, an installed capacity of 1,010 GW supplied hydroelectricity in…...
The Chipko Movement for Trees and Environment
Words • 2982
Pages • 12
The Chipko movement or Chipko Andolan is a movement that practised the Gandhian methods of satyagraha and non-violent resistance, through the act of surrounding trees to protect them from being felled. The modern Chipko movement started in the early 1970s in the Garhwal Himalayas ofUttarakhand,Then in Uttar Pradesh with growing awareness towards rapid deforestation. The landmark event in this struggle took place on March 26, 1974, when a group of peasant women in Reni village, Hemwalghati, in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand,…...
Conservation of natural resources and physical environment
Words • 2318
Pages • 10
It is a fact that population growth or its decline is a resultant effect of both births and deaths or in some countries; immigration and emigration are indeed significant factors of this phenomenon. The carrying capacity as defined by specialists is that maximum number of persons that can be comfortably supported in a particular environment without posing any possible threats of depletion of the available resources in the near future. It thus not only considers space availability but also emphasizes…...
Importance Of Oil And How It Has Changed World Politics
Words • 2290
Pages • 10
In the modern civilization, oil has excellent significance. However, lots of people do rule out oil to be of great significance due to the fact that they only associate it with the diesel or the gas that they use for transportation purposes. According to Yergin (Yergin, p 17), the world is addicted to oil. Due to the oil's essential function in all countries all over the world particularly in the industrialized nations, there is need for nations to give attention…...
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How we pay for using natural resources
...The knowledge of environmental ethics should also help in the conservation of natural resources. To sum up, my opinion is that governments and people should make efforts. With the way the world is deteriorating from pollution, it’s time we did our ...
Importance Of Oil And How It Has Changed World Politics
...In addition, the organization commitment to ensure that those who invest in the petroleum industry get  financial returns and that oil producers get a steady income has made it necessary for its members to support political agenda that benefits the ...
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