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Essay on Natural Resource

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Morton Salt

Synchronize production, distribution and capacity planning to make sure that there is sufficient capacity in the silos to handle the incoming salt from brine production. Reduce operating expense by introducing computerized QA for round can production for the following processes: electronically measure filled can weight, use a computerized laser to measure and ensure labels are properly aligned, us...

Journey to Sakhalin: Royal Dutch/Shell in Russia

However, I add that, if I had to take this decision now and not five years earlier, I would have paid a particular attention on shale gas and shale oil reserves in Russia’s main gas and oil importer countries: European countries, Asian countries, as well as the United States. If those reserves are estimated so high that some of the traditional main importers can be self-sufficient, I would not h...

Importance of Exploration Ocean and Its Resources

After learning all secrets of the planet people can look for what is right in space. Space exploration is also very important for humanity, but first humanity should research more about oceans. The universe is full of unrevealed mysteries and secrets. Some of them can explain the existence of life on Earth, some of them – creation of the world. No one knows for sure where all the answers for the...

The Santa Ana Winds

This shows how the Sana Ana/foehn has a negative effect on people. Usually when people commit suicide they’re struggling with a psychological issue that causes them to feel the need to end their life. Didion implies that because the wind is so terrible it causes people to commit suicide. This detail gives insight to the seriousness of the winds and gets reader to think that the winds do show the...

Biomass as a Natural Resource of Energy

While concluding, it may be said that biomass is one of the best renewable source of energy. As long as the sun is present, the existence of life will continue. And as long as life on the planet is present, the organic substances will continue to grow. The source consists of vegetation and wastes. In case of vegetation, the raw material is present almost all the countries of the world. And, in cas...

Hydraulic Fracturing

Breathing in and drinking or eating these harmful pollutants is not only directly harmful to those in the area either, as the livestock and crop can become contaminated before being distributed for sale to unknowing customers. Effects of these pollutants vary, but most of them are hazardous to human health, and can include cancer, respiratory or cardiovascular failure, and developmental damage. Fr...

Mineral Exploration

It is exercised in all the countries as a way of indicating to the government the area that a company wishes to explore further in detail. The license required to stake a claim can be applied for at a mining recorder's office. Once a claim is staked and approved by the appropriate government agency, it gives the company the exclusive right to explore that section of ground for a specific time....

The Dangers of Land Degradation


Factional Distillation of Crude Oil

What are the components used for? Why is Mixture Separated? 42393793 161b What are the Components Used For? Below is a list of separated components and what they are used for: Petroleum gas Used for heating, cooking and making plastics. Commonly known by the names methane, ethane, propane, butane. Naphtha or Ligroin Intermediate that will be further processed to make gasoline. Gasoline Motor fuel....

Easter Island by the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen

Many questions have to be asked and the answer have to be legit because we are building skyscrapers left to right but what land are we building it on and whose environment are destroying by having these skyscrapers built. We are only benefitting human life but not thinking of the animal and plant life that have help us to be where we are today. With the way that we live today there might not be an...

Save Nature For Future

Our population is growing very quickly and resources are becoming scarcer every day. We should want to preserve and conserve the natural world around us. Whether a person believes that another living thing has rights or not, they should still treat it with respect and care. One person or a small group of people should not make the ultimate decisions on what is considered worthy of life or unworthy...

Coal Is Just Not Black Gold

Time has come for Policy makers, bureaucracy and other parties involved come together to answer few critical questions while restructuring the sector. How to deal with thousands of people making their livelihood from illegal mining of coal ?  Will the government able to accept few realities like people living in local region , have rights on mineral resources to strength the lower strata and prov...

Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline

In 1981 all the exploration projects were stopped due to escalating civil war. In 1988 a convention was signed between the government of Chad and the consortium, granting exploration permit with term of validity until early 2004. Conoco withdrew from the project, and Exxon took over operations, discovering the Bolobo field in 1989 with estimated 135 million barrels of reserves. 3 Chevron, in its t...

Biodiesel in Malaysia

A Friend of the Earth has published a report asserting that clearance of forests for oil-palm plantations is threatening some of the last habitat of the orangutan. Over the past decade, Malaysia has converted large tracts of tropical rainforest to palm oil plantations on the island of Borneo. Recently, several Malaysian firms were implicated in illegal burning in Indonesia that produced a pollutin...

The Dales to the Border

Holy Island is connected with the mainland at low tide by a causeway. A monastery was established on Holy Island in 635 by Saint Aidan and a group of Celtic monks, who produced the elaborately decorated Lindisfarne Gospels. The island became the religious center of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. In 1093 the monastery was reestablished by Benedictine monks from Durham, and the island has s...

Biodiesel Production

Transesterification of a vegetable fat was showed as initial as 1853 by Patrick Duffy, four decades afore the first diesel engine became serviceable. Rudolf Diesel's prime model, a single 10 ft iron cylinder with a flywheel at its base, contended on its own power for the first time in Augsburg, Germany, on 10 August 1893 running on nothing but peanut oil. In commemoration of this event, 10 August ...

Review and Exploration of Sand Liquefaction

Previous studies on liquefaction mainly involved bridges, railways, wharfs, water conservancy facilities, underground structures and lifeline projects in liquefied areas. In recent years, with the increasing scale of high-rise and super-high-rise buildings, the theoretical and practical problems of high-rise buildings have been carried out one after another. However, there are still few reports ab...

Making Better and Performed of Latex Sap Tree

The special attention of this investigation was to learn functionality of the level wood pulp cell walls of plant filler (FWF). In our past result of research, the combine fiber comprehends FWF the same result to the combine fiber comprehend talc (or mica) small of piece in periodic motion Redaction of amplitude and O2 obstacle properties. To perform our specific result, we examine the change of r...

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