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Top Wellness Products features only supplements and natural remedies that are well researched. It brings you cutting-edge health products that are proven to work well. We aim to bring you products that help your body heal itself. We do not promote products that treat or alleviate symptoms of underlying diseases.

In this respect, we are unlike most of the medical establishment in the United States who i am to keep you under the spell of treating symptoms rather than underlying causes of those symptoms.

The reason they do this is that there is no profit in curing diseases. It’s much more profitable to treat the symptoms of diseases – pain, swelling, rashes, itching, headaches,
nausea, aches, stiffness, mental fogginess etc etc. It’s interesting to note that the pharmaceutical industry depends on us continuing to buy expensive generic or pharmaceutical drugs that are profitable for them.

Natural remedies play hardly any part in doctors’ recommendations and big pharma promotions if they cannot be patented and protected.

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Patents and the ability to extract synthetic concoctions from natural ingredients are the lifeblood of the pharmaceutical industry.

Complex compounds from nature that cannot be re-created, customized and patented in laboratories are useless for profits.The same kind of compounds or natural ingredients that are widely available and easily created or duplicated are also ignored and shunned by big pharma.

This is perhaps the primary reason that most so called ‘natural remedies’ will never be clinically tested. It’s simply too expensive to conduct clinical double-blind placebo-type studies on products that will prove to be unprofitable or that can be easily reproduced by others or that cannot be patented.

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It’s simple economics and likely a good business decision by big
pharms who need to show profits at the bottom line to their many shareholders or take a valuation hit.

The problem with ingesting synthetic drug solutions made in laboratories under controlled conditions and approved clinical studies is the cost of research and development that is passed on to us in the end price. Approved drugs that are developed
in this way often pose great dangers to humans. Adverse reactions are common and many deaths occur that are not reported in major media outlets unless there are many such cases.

This is in stark contrast to the miniscule numbers of adverse reactions people suffer as a result of ingesting supplements.The fact is that no known deaths have occurred as a result of adverse reactions from natural remedies sold as supplements. If a small number of adverse reactions do occur by ingesting a supplement, it seems to always get widely publicized on radio and tv news outlets.

Is it any wonder that many millions of people have stopped going to see primary physicians? It has been estimated that there are now most of the people without health insurance. It is a great concern to many in the political world.The rising costs of medical care and the quality of care have much to do with it. How many people today have their night tables filled with prescription bottles to alleviate pain or prevent nausea etc? How many people today swallow pill cocktails of dangerous drugs thinking that the interactions of all the drugs in their cocktail will be harmless?

people are fed up with the current state of medical care in the United States have been reaching out over the past 15 years to vitamin supplements, homeopathic remedies and other types of natural remedies that work to treat underlying causes of diseases and problems. There is much anecdotal evidence that many natural remedies really do work to cure; not just alleviate symptoms.

Unfortunately, millions of dollars are spent every year in convincing the public that vitamins, supplements, homeopathic remedies and other natural remedies should not be taken seriously as possible remedies for anything.

No one is allowed to make cure or treatment claims about supplements and vitamins etc. The FDA will not allow it and big pharmaceutical companies would cry foul if the FDA allowed them to make claims since supplement-makers and natural remedy inventors never have to jump through the expensive and time consuming hoops required for approval and so it continues.

Additionally, and to be totally fair, there are also a few bad apples in the supplement-maker world who are just as greedy and profit-driven as the large pharmaceutical companies everyone complains about. They manufacture and distribute phony products that do nothing. Some products do not contain any of the active ingredients they claim or in such miniscule quantities that the snake-oil does nothing. The US has a long history of snake-oil salesmen making amazing claims about their products. The many tonics that contained cocaine in them certainly made users feel better in the 18th, 19th century and early 20th centuries.

In any case, we are left on our own to decide what is best for our own health situation. We need to educate ourselves and not depend on a pharm-biased FDA or complacent physicians who have no time to keep up with published clinical studies and reports or to do the due diligence that we ourselves should be doing on things we put into our bodies. How many times has someone gone to their doctor and asked them about some supplement or alternative treatment idea and the doctor says “Sorry, I don’t know a thing about that so I’m not going to recommend anything outside of the drugs you’re currently trying and remember that additional supplements you do try may not sit well with your current medications…”

The top wellness products we ecommend to visitors at our website are under the same restrictions as all other natural remedy websites. We cannot claim any product on our website cures anything or even works as a treatment for any medica many cases, we would love to do exactly that and even encroach on that fine line at times with some of the products we have found.

The products listed below this article are outstanding, high-quality products that often do much more than the claims that are made for them. Cell food, the New Silver Solution, Nu-greens, Nusulin, O2 Performance, Cardiovascular, Acai Berry, and now a
stable oxygen water purifying product that stands outside the vitamin, mineral or supplement categories the others fall into.

A product called MMS that utterly and quickly destroys extremely dangerous pathogens in the human body safely and
efficiently through chemical reaction in the body. There is a link where you can get some in the recommended product section below.What’s more is that it is priced at less than $25.00 and what it will do will surprise even the hardest-core skeptics.

It’s nothing new. We’ve been using its basic ingredient for years and years in hospitals. This new product, now called MMS, was developed by a man named Jim Humble. It can be copied and made at home by anyone and he teaches you how.

He is passionate about his product and fearful at the same time. He fears that his product and information about how it is made will be covered up or be discredited by the big pharm forces whose business this simple product threatens. He may be overly paranoid but his product and the instructions he provides on how to prepare it and use it to best benefit are valuable
information for anyone looking for natural remedies.


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