Natural Ecosystem: Stony Creek Park Essay

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Natural Ecosystem: Stony Creek Park

My pick for this park was based on the fact that this was made in to a natural ecosystem in 1964. A plan was drawn to make this park by making a dam and creating a 500 acre lake in the center of a 4,461 acre land section from the stony creek (a tributary of the Clinton River). Once the dam was formed the lake was made, and the park came together. There are many plants and wildlife in this park, and fish in the lake. This park is a great place to go for any relaxation or for fun.

There is a wide selection of things to do which include a full 18 hole golf course and disc golf course. The major structure and functional dynamic for making this park was to create a natural ecosystem bigger than what it already was. By increasing the size of the ecosystem it increased the functionality for wildlife and plant life to become more diverse. Once this ecosystem started to grow, there became a need to maintain the growth and keep it from turning to wasted land or a busted ecosystem.

At one time the dam that makes the lake had to be repaired before it caused an issue with the balance of the water in the lake and for the creek, and the park in general. At one point the creek actually dried up to the point it caused a problem in the park for the lake. Lake levels went down making it hard to make the now natural lake lose water plant life. The effect that humans have on this park did not cause the issue with the water lose, but there is a negative effect to the park due to pollution from garbage, car exhaust, and the natural waste of the ecosystem.

Cars diving around create food for plants to turn the carbon waste in to air, but there is also the fact of the car that leaks oil or gas on the ground and making a chemical waste pollution. This waste can be very damaging to an ecosystem to the point that it can kill the wildlife, plant life, and even hurt humans. Humans are a good part of this ecosystem since they help to maintain the ecosystem and also play a part in the ecosystem for the life force around the park. Humans help the ecosystem out with producing carbon for the plant life to use to transfer over to oxygen.

The carbon cycle then is combined with a structure of the environment will help sustain life for humans and animals and plant life. The ecosystem in this park has a plan to keep the ecosystem alive and preserved. There is a wildlife preserve for several animals that are on the list close to extinction. The dam that was used to create the park also is maintained to keep the integrity of the park intact. There is a structured plan to keep the dam active, complete and make any repairs that can cause an unwanted destruction of the ecosystem that would lead to death of the system.

The DNR of Michigan maintains the wildlife in the park and observes the changes in the park that can change the wildlife and have a negative impact. The park staff also has a structure on its own to preserve the system and maintain the park. The structure of this ecosystem for preserving the wildlife has an effect that will keep help keep the wildlife from extinction and or also bringing wildlife back from the extinction list. The park does contain a conservation center that does house a few animals that are close to extinction and has brought animals off the extinction list.

The park has brought back and continues to bring back the osprey from extinction. The parks focus to maintain and keep the parks natural beauty and life from failing is a process and structure that requires constant help from humans. Without the role that the humans play on this system there would be a loss of functional structure for the ecosystem. The ecosystem requires more than just humans to maintain its life, it requires life period. Outside references: http://www. metroparks. com/blog. aspx? ID=9 http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Stony_Creek_Metropark

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