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Essay on Natural Disasters

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Florida Sinkholes

Bush’s body was never recovered from the hole. His funeral was held at Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida. Death is not the only danger sinkholes have. Danger doesn’t only happen when the sinkhole occurs, but also after it’s covered. There are ways to avoid the danger if you have a Florida sinkhole. “The walls of a sink hole are "funnel-like" and often have a slick surface from...

Summary for Denaturalizing Natural Disasters

Appeals for funds can be combined with educational initiatives to explain to policymakers and the public why an event has occurred and how it relates to social, economic and political forces. Acknowledging the actual histories that have led to Haiti’s underdevelopment would require wealthy nations to probe their own political, social and economic involvement in Haiti’s underdevelopment. Althou...

The Santa Ana Winds

This shows how the Sana Ana/foehn has a negative effect on people. Usually when people commit suicide they’re struggling with a psychological issue that causes them to feel the need to end their life. Didion implies that because the wind is so terrible it causes people to commit suicide. This detail gives insight to the seriousness of the winds and gets reader to think that the winds do show the...

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The Philippines' Landslide

A minor earthquake (magnitude 2.3 on the Richer scale) shook the area, but scientists said it took place after the landslide. Probably there wasn't any relation between the landslide and the earthquake. The south eastern area of Leyte is forested with coconut trees where the disaster happened. These trees have shallow roots that can be dislodged after heavy rainsfalls rather easily, making the lan...

Freemark Abbey Case

If it is known with certainty that the storm would hit the best alternative is expected revenue of $34,200 vs. $34,080. Under the assumption that the thin wine must be sold in bulk for 50% of the value at $12,000, if it is clear the storm would not hit than it is better to wait and attain EMV of $37,200 vs. $34,200. With prior knowledge the EMV would be (.5)(34,200)+(.5)(37,200) = $35,700. Without...

The Dust Bowl Natural Disaster in 1930's

The heavy farm machinery being used destroyed the plains and led to the Dust Bowl. Farmers, like Fred Folkers, purchased a tractor that had the capacity of doing the job of ten horses (Doc C). With the new tractor, Folkers was able to produce a greater deal of goods than before. Unfortunately, Folkers’s tractor also increased the amount of shortgrass destroyed. The number of acres that were harv...

Natural Disasters and the Stock Exchange

Recommendation: Job rotation can help employees be more productive. Rotation can raise worker morale because they get to try new jobs, so boredom and burnout are less of a problem. Sometimes employees may be less likely to call in sick, show up late or quit. Employees can also learn skills on one job that can be applied to another job, which helps them perform work more efficiently. This is why cr...

Typhoons (Philippines)

Life Both human and animal life can be impacted, and ultimately taken, by the destructive forces of typhoons. While this can occur directly, such as if an individual is struck by debris or is caught in a building collapse, perhaps the more silent killer is the lack of available resources and infrastructure that results. Flooding from typhoons can destroy food stocks and supplies, and spread diseas...

Landslide and Debris Flow as Natural Disasters

If you decide not to leave the area, then at least stay awake if you think there’s a chance of a landslide: many such disasters have occurred while their victims were asleep. Keep a portable, battery-powered radio with you to stay in touch with any safety announcements. Move up to a second story if possible, which might help to keep you above the level of the d...

Rogue Waves as Natural Disasters

One scientific mechanism which has assisted current research is the Benjamin-Feir (BF) instability, discovered in the 1960s, that attempted to create a perfectly regular series of waves in a wave tank under the hypothesis that a regular series of waves will always become irregular and some waves will be higher than others (Garrett & Gemmrich 63). Application of the BF instability provides one ...

Filipino Smiles and Spirits

Being sad is the penultimate thing we feel whenever there’s calamity, and being happy and optimistic for what we still got is the last thing we feel. Having that trait is a blessing, show them that happiness is in your attitude. “There's no reason crying in the rain, or flood for that matter. It worsens the situation, now another one is coming in and we need all the smile we can muster to driv...

Hurricanes and tornadoes contribute

The terms hurricane and tornado are often used interchangeably by people which is incorrect. There are several misconceptions about hurricanes and tornadoes. Hurricanes are often seen a the more violent and destructive of the two storms. Unexpectedly, tornadoes are actually far worse than hurricanes. Hurricanes and tornadoes also differ in a number of ways. They occur in different places, look dif...

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