Natural Disaster Essay

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Natural Disaster

When I watched News on the TV, suddenly coming breaking news about disasters. Many disaster exist in the world. Such as earthquakes, hurricane, and other etc. we called natural disaster. My questions start this point. Why disaster only explained by natural disasters? Those disasters only related with natural disaster? If natural disaster coming by difference reason like man-made, did we make any confusion between natural disaster and man-made disaster? Natural Types of Disasters

Agricultural diseases & pests
Damaging Winds
Drought and water shortage
Emergency diseases (pandemic influenza)
Extreme heat
Floods and flash floods
Hurricanes and tropical storms
Landslides & debris flow
Thunderstorms and lighting
Winter and ice storms
This chart from ( Restore Your Economy RSS)
I want to make sure to audience. Above the types of natural disaster, those disaster only by nature? Their coming naturally? For example, landslide occurred in north Seattle. There is Oso. Many people suffer a catastrophe. That mudslide was not a first time in Oso. This is an infrequent but well precedence occurrence, and that were occurred by naturally before this time. But human is primarily responsible for this accident. Even though mudslides coming by naturally. Mountains and forests have been damaged extensively because of indiscriminate reclamation. Can we define Oso mudslide is natural disaster? “Oso, Wash., mudslide not simply a natural disaster” (Liberation News)

Another example is Catarina hurricane. The hurricane is representative of natural disaster. But Catarina hurricane was not simply natural disaster. The article said “It took a while, but the prevailing narrative is finally starting to reflect that Katrina was a man-made disaster, not a natural disaster, triggered by shoddy engineering, not an overwhelming hurricane.”( Time. Time Inc)

Natural disaster, this word [term] is often misused. Human can make natural disaster or influenced to natural disasters. Few of natural disaster are manmade disaster. The effects of many natural disasters may be minimized with proper planning. When manmade disaster going down, natural disaster also going down.


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