Native Americans Essay

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Native Americans

Thesis Statement: A city of diverse religion, rich history and fast-paced developing economy, Memphis Tennessee continues to gain respect from locals and tourists alike. Introduction: With nearly 700, 00 estimated population; Memphis is Tennessee’s largest city, and the 19th largest city all throughout the United States. With settlements rooted from the early 16th Century, populace number continues to multiply with an interesting collaboration of white, black and Native Americans, even Asians and other races as per demographics.

Strategically located at the center of the state, Memphis continues to target commerce from both the shipping and transportation industries. Innovations in infrastructure, interesting grounds for recreation and a home to reputable educational institutions; makes Memphis inviting enough for permanent settlement. 1. History and Geography a. History- Originally inhabited by native American Indians in the 16th Century, settlement around the river had been distracted by a number of explorers, evasion of union forces and presence of epidemics like the yellow fever.

Emerging from the uncomplicated Mississippian tribe is a city with vast social, cultural and economic contributions to the state. b. Geography – This city bounded at the south of Tennessee has a humid, subtropical climate with four distinctive seasons. Interesting terrains around the 296. 35 square mile territory include parks all over the city and notable transportation aides like freight railroads. 2. Economy and Government a. Economy – Even before Memphis has been officially founded, it was already hailed as an important location for commerce, exchanges and travel.

Up to date, economy within the city continues to evolve as transportation industry booms, entertainment and film industry continues to expand and Fortune companies continue to invest. For these achievements, Memphis has been awarded by Inc. magazine in 2000 as the eighth out of fifty best major U. S areas for business. b. Government – Memphis has a Mayor and council form of government which originated in 1960s. 3. People A greater number of African/Black American occupies the city though there percentages of white Americans, Asian and Latinos.

A home of different beliefs, the city of Memphis welcomes differences in congregation and denomination. 4. Culture and the Arts Home to musical legend Elvis Presley, Memphis locals had also been the founders of various music genres – making it worthy enough to be tagged as “Birthplace of the Blues” and “Birthplace of Rock and Roll”. A rich collaboration of culture and the arts makes the city an interesting destination of travel and recreation. 5. Tourism and Recreation Economic advances and cultural distinctiveness plays a major role in the rise of tourism in the city.

Surrounded by art galleries, parks and museums; Memphis’s interactive recreation makes it one of the state’s finest destination site. A typical city rooted from rich history, developed to progress as one of the State’s finest, Memphis, an urbanized territory in South Tennessee continues to emerge as a growing metropolitan. With residents increasing in sufficient number, economy rearing to be at par with United State’s top commerce, with welcoming variety of race, religion and belief; Memphis retains reliable statistics and reputable reasons why settlement and livelihood in this city is note-worthy.

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