National security Essay Topics

Information Security Classification

Information Security is simply the process of keeping information secure: protecting its availability, integrity, and privacy (Demopoulos). With the advent of computers, information has increasingly become computer stored. Marketing, sales, finance, production, materials, etc are various types of assets which are computer stored information. A large hospital is an institution which provides health care to… View Article

NSA Eavsdropping VS Privacy rights

Abstract The United States government should not have the right to eavesdrop and target U.S citizens because of matter of national security. However if we have nothing to hide from the government, then why we should be afraid of the government eavesdropping on U.S citizens because of a national security reason, if according to the… View Article

Privacy vs. Surveillance

NSA Surveillance Program: A Threat to Civilians Privacy Since the beginning of WWI, spying activity has become a very important part of national security to United States. To track the activity of people, U.S.A. has many spying agencies and National Security Agency (NSA) is one of them. NSA is the main producer and manager of… View Article