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National football league Essay

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National football league

My experience with football has been the most memorable of them all since I was a little child. My first year of playing football was pop-warner football when I was about 8-10 years old and that experience changed my feeling and gave me an idea of playing high school football when I enter high school. Pop-warner is a little league football program for young kids that want to play for a main school to support their program for school. I did not think I will have the courage to play since I thought many other kids will be bigger and tougher than my size. But for the most part, most kids are usually about my size and starting new just like me.

I really enjoy football very much and hopefully one day, I can be an Athletic trainer for a professional football team in the NFL. The sport of Professional American Football is about young to mid-age athletes getting paid to play in the National Football League (NFL) and being signed to 1 out of 32 teams in the league itself. Many players usually start their football careers as soon as high school, then roll it into college to get their full practice and start training up for the NFL since players can be recognize and go to Scouting Combine to train up for the NFL.

Based on the athletes performance in training during the summer, NFL coaches evaluated players on their skills and abilities on handling the ball. Coaches and their staff members or even owners of the teams pay players big bucks to just smack other players for 60 mins in a game. If the player ever get into any trouble with the law while being signed with that team, the team has the right to either release that player or just suspend him for a couple of the games or even just miss the season, depending on the situation.

During the time period of the 1800’s, football was not described as of “American Football” back then it used to be referred to as Soccer and Rugby. These two types of sports started in England, when rugby was not as popular as soccer was and soccer took over the sports venues in England. The games were played differently and England had changed the rules since they were under London Football Association. Before the rules had been applied, “however, as both games made their way across the Atlantic, they were both played at colleges and universities, and out of those two games, football was born.

” (History of American Football) Once teams and other universities saw what one group did, everyone else started joining the game. In these competitions, game started inching closer to its name “football” as in today’s world, rules staring forming into the process of this famous sport. (History of American Football) Over the years of football, there was one particular guy that came with the style of rugby and wanted the rules and his name was Walter Camp.

Walter Camp was an important person in history of football because ever since his team started played rugby with other schools, he changed the rules each time to put it into “American Football” rules. For Ex: Rugby starts off with fifteen players, he decided to drop it to eleven players with today’s number on a team. To get from rugby style- rules to American football rules was all thanks to Yalie Walter Camp for coming up with an idea of football (Economics of Football). Once football came into play and people knew about it, there were athletic clubs that started competition games.

In these competitions they had teams of players, but what they did not want was paid players coming up to them. The clubs wanted to look for high, and unique players on their team. They didn’t start paying players until Nov. 12, 1892, which the first person was paid $500 to play in the Allegheny Athletic Association (AAA) (History of American Football). Overtime, players was getting paid over $19,000 per game. Football was not always called “Football”, it used to be called soccer back in the old times.

Football originated from the term “Soccer” due to the fact that a committee was making it illegal to use of hands in the game. In today’s world, soccer is mainly used in America and Canada where its very popular between the two countries. After viewing the rules of soccer and rugby, it soon became into American Football in the 19th century of how the two sports combined with each other Primer Magazine) When people think of the word “football”, they are thinking about soccer because thats what its most common for in sports.

In the times, rugby and soccer were two most famous sports about football because in comparison between each other, they are tied into “American Football (Gridiron)” of how they are both played especially with rugby, but of how soccer gave its full name to the NFL. Even though in soccer, you are not allowed to use your hands in the sport, they are being used in football to kick, throw and catch while running down the field. While soccer is still played in today’s world, football is official here where thanks to soccer and rugby for making it happen, none of this would be possible for sports fan.

Football is the common use for soccer and professional football in where different leagues uses the term in different ways but it still has its advantages of making sports fan be very excited about a word that came from just dealing with soccer and rugby. In the game of football, there are many things to learn about such as positions, terms, how they play and the rules of the game. Before a game can start off, they have to decide who gets to receive the ball first, Offense or Defense. There are game official to get the game going smoothly and make sure that every player on that field is playing right and fairly.

One thing to know about football is that players sometimes like to do the extreme to other players, meaning trying to give other players concussions or even much serious injuries. Football always starts off with a 11 players on a field on each side of the ball. On each side of the ball there are two sides of it, called offense and defense. Offense and Defense are to teams that one team is trying to score a touchdown and other side of the ball, they are trying to defend their side without being scored on.

On the offensive side ball, you have your starting 11 players that consist of your Quarterback (QB), Running back (RB), Wide Receivers (WR) Tight End (TE) and then your four main guys upfront, which is Offensive linemen (OL) that protects the quarterbacks from getting sacked or hurt by the defense. On the other side of the ball, which is the defense has the same out of players, but they have different positions for themselves. (Rules of American Football) These guys try to stop the offense from scoring which are; Cornerbacks, (CB) Safety(S), Linebackers (LB) and then three or four main guys up from called Defensive Linemen (D-Line).

During the games, each player is assigned to attack one of their men in front of them or even who comes across their face. Each player on the team has a specific way of getting around the defender, by blocking them off with their hands and push them backs towards the QB to get to their men. Coaches gives plays and signals to the QB to pass it on to his offense, so his team can make a play and score a touchdown. The plays are routes and directions for players to go and make the defense confuse about what they are trying to do when scoring. These plays can be very difficult and even sometimes complicated.

Football is my biggest passion of them all because its full of excitement and also its just a great sport to watch with friends and families. When it comes to football, I think of it as a serious and more intense game, however, it can also be dangerous with all the illegal hits players may do to other players and even cause serious injuries. The best part of football is talking it with friends, especially the next day, since many young athletes are into football and have teams to watch on how they play each week to increase their chances of making it to the playoffs, as well as the main event The Super Bowl.

Football does not get any better than to talk trash on other people’s team and make fun of how they play or their losing record if they are below everyone else. Professional football is a physical sport that is usually played indoors or outdoors by two different teams that fight for a touchdown. Football has been around for many years that started with just a few players on the field. Professional football is the most common sport on television because families and friends like the enthusiasm and excitement of the sport as well as the physical action and competition.

This sport has come along way in which it started back in the 70’s and 80’s and just the people supporting the football legacy. Football is the main sport to watch for in America. This sport has some history behind it that many people wouldn’t think to know about. Football has been around for years and still today its very popular in today’s society. Football is the start of something new because many years from now, its going to expand and many people will be able to understand the concept of national football.

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