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National Basketball League Magazine

The National Basketball League is home to the very finest athletes in the basketball world. This is ultimately the highest level of competition offered in this sport. Due to the fact that this is the peak level out there, there is a great amount of competition that occurs within this level itself. Not only do teams compete against each other to try and win games, but also the players compete for who has the best skill sets. Obviously since there are different positions on the court and different roles that the players possess, there must be different categories that they can be compared in.

You cannot just determine a best player because no one individual is the most elite at every single aspect of the game. This is also true because it is arguable what skills on a basketball court are the most valuable to an individual, as well as to the team. Due to this controversy, it is often very difficult to decide who is the most elite player or players in this case. To help determine this, we can look at overall team records to decide what teams skills merge most effectively, and additionally split the players themselves into categories of many different skill sets.

These stats came only from the regular season because preseason and postseason records are not included in this edition. The three basic categories that will be observed in this article are best overall record, best offensive skill sets, and best defensive abilities. In depth coverage of the most talented in each of these divisions follow. First of all, the fairest way to determine the most successful teams this year is by looking at who has the greatest overall record on the season. This issue is only discussing the largest part of the season, the regular season.

The reasoning for this is that in the preseason teams often do not even let their most talented players onto the court due to risk of injury. This is the time when the rookies can get a feel for the game, and do the large amount of the work and see the greatest amount of minutes. Since the best players the teams have to offer are not contributing at this time in the season, it would not provide an accurate assessment. The postseason cannot be included because it is still in progress. The totals cannot be averaged at this point in time and are VERY subject to change.

Once teams get knocked out, all of these statistics will be based on the championship game and determine who “the best team in the league today is. This is a fair analysis since in the National Basketball Association, every team plays all the others. The standings are in terms of where they are ranked from the most elite to the worst. The top three teams in the NBA according to greatest records this year are the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the San Antonio Spurs. They all played 82 games in the 2012-2013 season.

The Miami Heat had the best record in both their conference (Eastern) as well as the entire league. They won 66 games and lost only 16 games (Elias). The next two finishers both came from the Western conference. The second best record in the league is awarded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, leading the Western conference with an impressive 60 wins and only 22 losses (Elias). The third place finisher in this season’s roster is the San Antonio Spurs. They won 58 of their 82 games and lost 24 (Elias). All three of these teams have several known All-Stars and super athletes.

This should also help them to fare well in the postseason race currently in progress. Due to the fact that the Thunder and Spurs belong to the same Conference, it is impossible for them to see each other in the Championship game. This sets us up for what seems to be a great fight to get to the Championship game and fans should be ready for loads of excitement coming hand and hand with this. The records of these teams speak for themselves in saying that these teams are “the best teams in the NBA this year. ” It is not only the teams themselves that can be successful.

Teams with the best records as well as those not listed above both have players that lead in either offensive or defensive skill sets. These will be observed and studied separately so that we can find the widest range of talents. To begin, the most talented players in terms of offensive situations will be discussed. This category will be divided into three separate subcategories to give more individuals recognition for what is considered an outstanding achievement. All of the results are completely fact based and the numbers speak for themselves.

No personal preferences were or can be added because strictly statistics are used when producing the lists of the winners. The three smaller divisions for best offensive on the year are total points, total assists, and overall free throw percentages in the 2012-2013 season. In terms of total points, the award goes to the very talented Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks. This race was one of the toughest, as second place (Kevin Durant) was only . 6 points behind Anthony. Carmelo averaged 28. 7 points per game (Elias). He lead not only his team in scoring, but also everyone in the league this year.

As far as total assists go, it was a landslide! The award goes to Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics. He had an outstanding 11. 1 assists per game (Elias). This was much higher than second place (Chris Paul) who averaged 9. 7 assists per game. Rondo emerges the victor by 1. 4 APG and can be considered the best point guard in the league due to this statistic. The final offensive award is the highest overall free throw percentage this year. These are essentially free points, but what star was clutch enough to make the most this season? The answer is Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

He was an astonishing 90. 5% from the line (Elias). He beat the second place finisher (Steph Curry) by only . 5%. These points were no doubt very valuable in tough situations and contributed to the proud record that OKC had that was discussed previously. All three categories have some of the best offense players who are the very best at their trade. Not only were the offensive talents divided, but also the defensive aspects of the game. The skill sets of players in the NBA can be so diverse that this also had to be split into three subcategories because it was far too tough to decide on just a single victor.

The smaller divisions for the defensive areas are the most steals, greatest amount of block, and highest number of defensive rebounds. For starters, the largest number of steals goes to Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers. This quick and instinctive guard averaged an impressive 2. 41 steals per game (Elias). This was a nail biter because a little known of player (Ricky Rubio) received second, trailing the star by only 0. 01 steals per game! In the close race, CP3 came out on top and is awarded this defensive award. The second category that we have produced is the greatest umber of blocks. This is a great defensive award. It is often discussed and referred to as a very interesting piece of the game.

The player awarded with the most blocks is Serge Ibaka, another player from the Oklahoma City Thunder. His average number of blocks per game was 3. 03 (Elias). He overcame second place (Larry Sanders) by . 2 blocks per game. The final statistic that was observed in this quest to find the very best was the greatest number of defensive rebounds. The award goes to Dwight Howard from the Los Angeles Lakers. He averaged out at 12. defensive rebounds a game and “boxed-out” second place (Nikola Vucevic) by . 5 rebounds per game (Elias). All of these players who have been named the best in their craft no doubt help their teams immensely and are invaluable to the success of these organizations. Whether the best as an overall team, or individual players, it is an honor to even be in the NBA. The greatest players in the world play in this league and it is the greatest competitive basketball organization. You don’t have to be the “number one team in the NBA” like the Miami Heat.

You could be an offensive machine such as Carmelo Anthony, Rajon Rondo, and Kevin Durant. If not that, than you could be a defensive specialist among the likes of CP3, Serge Ibaka, or Dwight Howard. These players will have their time to shine and provide great entertainment in the process. But where does this leave the future of the league? New talent is always recognized all over the world. From college students on the court to high school ballers, if the talent is there the offers will come. Do YOU have what it takes to be a future NBA star? Well, get to practicing.

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