National Association of Realtors and My Success Essay

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National Association of Realtors and My Success

The National Association of Realtors or NAR began in May 12, 1908 under the name National Association of Real Estate Exchanges. The organization of property owners eventually changed its name to what is now known as NAR. NAR is primarily aimed at aiding its members become more profitable and successful in the field of real estate industry. To achieve that purpose, the organization provides for its members facilities crucial to professional development as well as the research and exchange of relevant information, among others.

The organization also gives similar services to the public and the American government, all for the aim of preserving the system of free enterprise, notwithstanding the furtherance of the right to own, to use and to transfer real properties. There are several services and activities that NAR provides in order to increase professional knowledge and skills. These include library services, discounts on different products and services conducive to both business and home use in real estate management, the most relevant and precise statistical information, and international public forums that focus on housing and property rights issues.

The comprehensive library services of NAR provide an easy means for its members to have access to thousands of resource materials for purposes that they see fit. At the most basic level, library services give members an unlimited amount of information, thereby increasing their knowledge and skills. The introduction of NAR’s virtual library tied with its online assistance program called “Realtor. Org” has further advanced the researching capabilities of its members, allowing them to gain access to and download real estate information composed of 15,000 volumes from a vast array of timelines with the click of a button.

Discounts on different products and services help members spend minimal amounts on what are considered to be priceless tools in the field of real estate management. In fact, NAR allows its members to choose between free services and those which are priced at a fixed but discounted cost. Members can upgrade their free access to services with fees at any time, which at the same time increases their access to information and real estate management tools.

Most of the management tools available come in the form of highly informative and up-to-date books authored by some of the most successful realtors today. Topics cover a wide range, from creating effective marketing plans to tackling difficult times from the perspective of a real estate agent. These books are sold at a relatively cheaper price compared to non-members who purchase the same items. International public forums are conducted regularly and NAR members are highly encouraged to participate in these activities.

Suffice it to say that these forums are exclusive to NAR members. The benefits include but are not limited to gaining firsthand experience of the real estate conditions across various countries, obtaining different perspectives from other realtors from foreign markets, and acquiring marketing tools exclusively distributed and explained in various summits and expos. The knowledge and abilities that I can derive from NAR can positively influence my success in the field of the real estate market.

For one, the information that I can receive is a big advantage when it comes to dealing with tough real estate situations. I can not only acquire the right steps at my disposal when handling such circumstances. I can also use the outcome from such situations as learning experiences which I can eventually adopt in future similar situations. Even before I will be able to face troubling times insofar as real estate management is concerned, I will already have the proper training and knowledge so that, by the time I am actually there, I can meet the challenge with very minimal trouble and effort.

Of course, it is never enough that I should settle with and entirely depend on what NAR has to offer. In the long run, much of my decisions will have to come from myself. Nevertheless, it will be a big benefit on my part if I will have the sufficient preparations in handling real estate problems. The interaction that a member can get from other members not only within the United States but also from other countries is very beneficial in broadening a real estate agent’s perception of the real estate market.

Participation in local summits and international expos sponsored by NAR provide the best avenue to obtain firsthand experience of learning from others. As I see it, the best way to achieve that goal is to become a member of NAR. Knowledge and skills provided by books in the NAR virtual library as well as the discounted books the organization offers are not by themselves sufficient without actual practice. NAR nevertheless seeks to fill that gap through its summits, expos and local meetings.

By actively involving myself in these activities, I am also building professional relationships with people who have the same interests and inclinations. That being said, I can be able to forge certain business alliances with other real estate agents. Doing so will be beneficial because I can have connections with other agents who may refer people who are looking for real estate properties which I may be able to provide them. Indeed, the advantages of being a member of NAR far outweigh the possible costs that one can think.

For the most part, the knowledge as well as interpersonal and real estate management skills that I can acquire already are benefits that will prove to be useful by the time comes that I will be focusing on my career as a real estate agent.


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