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National and Local Gorevment Policies Essay

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As part of the national government incentive to help provide backing and encouragement to practitioners in schools two new funding programmes were introduced by the department for children, schools and families now called ‘The Department for Education’. These two programmes; Every Child A Talker (ECAT) and Social and Emotional Aspects of Development (SEAD). These were launched to increase the skills of early years specialists and were a part of the governments wider pledge to the education workforce department. These packages were designed to address to need for children in school to experience a language rich setting through staff in ensuring that they work successfully with both parents and families.

Through SEAD, staff in schools would gain knowledge and understanding to help engage parents more effectively in order for them to be better prepared to support their child’s social and emotional needs. It was the abuse and ultimate death of Victoria Climbie in 2000 which prompted changes in childrens services. The every child matters paper set out a national agenda and plan with the aim of providing more services that were accessible for the needs of children, young people and families which stated that schools and other child care providers must demonstrate ways that they could work towards each of the outcomes.

The 5 key aims and intentions were.

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Fiona Mather.

Be healthy: Schools needed to play a leading part in health education towards children and young people which included questioning contents of school meals, as well as enabling children to enjoy a good physical and mental health by being part of a healthy lifestyle. Stay safe: A survey among 11~16 year olds in mainstream schools claimed that ‘46% had been a victim of some form of bullying’ (www.education.gov.uk/publications). In order to break these statistics it is vital that pupils feel that they are being protected in schools, in order for schools to do this they must continue to make behaviour management and anti bullying a significant issue.

Enjoy and achieve: In order for student to get the most out of life and develop the necessary skills for adulthood children and young people must enjoy their lives and achieve their potential. In order for school to assist with this they must make improvements in failings across different ethnic groups and unauthorised absences that are unacceptable.

Contribute: Children and young people need to be involved in their community rather than involve themselves in anti social behaviour. Schools can teach children the ethics of social responsibility and a feeling of ‘belonging’ by providing links to a pupils own community and how they can become part of it. Achieve a good standard of living: Children and young people of parents who are unemployed or existing on low incomes must be encouraged to aspire to a better career and lifestyle for themselves. Schools can develop strategies to enable all students to reach their full potential.

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