NASA’s French Essay

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NASA’s French

The night of the 25th of April was just right for it was such a great time for profound contemplation about what else lies beyond what our naked eyes can see. With the very credible lecture discussion presented by Dr. Bad Hansen, I came to realize that other than the few things we know about the galaxy we belong to, and the system we are in, there are other planets that may just be finishing their terms of orbits around their own suns.

Because of the idea that our sun is just one of the many that are believed to have their own host planetary systems, different groups like the Geneva group, Berkeley Group and other observatories like the Lick Observatory and European Southern Observatory have made thorough analysis and radial velocity searches. More than a hundred extra solar planets have been measured using radial velocity, stellar wobble using a spectrum, Doppler Effect, and transit photometry.

Only with the use of modest telescope allows for productive search like the ESO VLT which has the capacity to analyze simultaneously the light coming from 15 galaxies. Of the more than a hundred extra-solar planets discovered so far, a planet twice as big as Jupiter, is known to pass in front of its star. This is the transit method by which the star is dimmed as it passes in front of its star, therefore giving astronomers chance to valuable measurements of its compositions.

Orbit eccentricity of certain planets which was also found out in many searches suggests that each planet is indeed special in its own way. For the universe is so expansive as anyone could ever imagine, direct studies of external planets were even made like the secondary eclipse, direct observation of Hot Jupiter, chemical composition, and determining temperature though change in absorption with wavelength. And because of the many things that root out to more diverse truths and discoveries the search is taken to NASA’s French COROT mission.

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