Narrative Report On The First PTA Gener Essay

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Narrative Report On The First PTA Gener

In order to settle things up, Bunga Elementary School, headed by our principal Mrs. Jessica Narvasa, together with her teaching staff, officers of the Parent – Teacher Association (PTA) and the Barangay Bunga Council, which is headed by Brgy. Capatain Edgardo Aguilar had its 1st PTA General Assembly Meeting at Bunga Elementary School Stage last July 04, 2014.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the following:
1. Personal Safety Lesson
Performance Indicator/School Policy/SIP

3. School Feeding
4. Tree Planting and School GPP Competition Mechanics
5. Class Report/Feed backing
6. Voluntary Contribution
7. Family Day
8. Expected Monthly Activities/District and Division Competition

In this meeting, it was majorly favored that in celebration with Family Day this coming December 2014, families would celebrate it together with Jollibee and it will be a fund-raising. Moreover, the school and the barangay agreed to jointly implement the project (which is the water facilities) that will provide a safe water supply system to the school’s children.

In addition, there was also an open forum between teachers and parents wherein they were free to ask questions regarding to the agenda’s that had been discussed. There were many questions raised by parents that were answered well by the school staffs.

The meeting was then ended ensuring that all the matters that have been tackled and agreed was fully understand by the concerned subjects of this meeting, and was hoping for positive outcomes.

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