Narrative Report Essay

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Narrative Report

The idea of having On the Job Training had given me an excitement; excitement to experience work inside the office, meet new people, feel a different environment and be independent. It also help us to become a young professional. I learned more about what On-the-Job Training means and to be patient is more important when you have relationship regarding work with other people especially when you do not know them well. I met new friends inside the CGS Department. I was challenge to do good on every task they will give me. I experience facing different people. Having time management, being responsible on the task given and having good relationship with other people are important.

On my On the Job Training I observe that everyone should be alert and attentive at the same time and they can’t afford to commit a mistake because it will affect everything that every cluster was working on for example their auditing, computing and the details even the names. Despite of their busy work, they never fail to put smile on their face. As an trainee we are required to participate in making surprises for those employees who promote in higher position and employees having a birthday celebration. The environment I had on my On the Job Training had an impact to me. I built good relationship with my co-workers and co-trainees. The good environment helped me to have positive vibes as I do my works.

Corporate Government Sector (Cluster 5)- This is the office where I was assigned to conduct my On-the-Job Training. On my first day of training, I was very excited and somewhat nervous because of the new environment and the new people surrounding me. I didn’t have any idea of what kind of people they are and it made me adjust myself with their personalities and attitudes.

One of my trainee supervisor Ms. Fe Lynette Bautista accompanied me to my table where I will be staying during my On-the-Job Traing. During that moment, I felt that I was really an office girl already having my own office chair and table. The first task that my training supervisor asked me to do is to answer telephone calls and telefax. My other trainee supervisor Mr. Felix Morgado taught me to operate telephones, telefax, printers and Xerox machine. After that the head of the cluster 5 Director Dehlia Agatep taught me what to say when theres a phone call, “Good morning/Good afternoon, Cluster5, How may I help you”. She also taught me how to transfer the call to her office if theres someone who wants to talk to her.

My second day, Ms. Editha Palita our Administrative officer asked me to arrange the payslip of the employees, their Rice allowance payslip, Performance based bonus payslip, Basic commodities assistance payslip and July 2014 payslip. At the same time, my ears had to be attentive so that I can hear if theres a phone calls.

Some may laugh at my first week which is answering phone calls, making and receiving telefax, photocopy files and arranging slips, but they do not know that I’ve learned many things that which I may used in my future work.

My first week was really good start and I was motivated to perform excellently because of what I have already accomplished and because of my trainee supervisors who were very accommodating and kind to me.

On my second week of my On-the-Job Training, there are many things that I have accomplished. I was tasked to encode the Department names under the CGS-cluster5. I also printed, it will be the front page of every department’s document so that whenever they need it, they could find it easy. I was also asked to write the important details of the file copies of the official documents to the releasing logbook and after writing the important details, I have to give the file copy of the official documents to the finance office, accounting office and ascom’s office and make them sign on the releasing logbook so that there’s a proof that they already receive it. Just like my first week, my daily tasked was to answer phone calls, make and receive telefax, print documents and arrange some files and documents.

Everytime Mr. Felix Morgado calls me for help, I can feel my heart beat like a drum because I always thought he’ll give me hard task. He is slightly strict but an encouraging one. He always tells me to study hard for my family, especially for my parents who are supporting me in every possible way.

This second week was really heavy week but despite of it, I really learned a lot not just academically but socially as well as because I learned to adjust myself to the people I am with and I learn to socialized with them in a good manner.

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