Narrative Links in Holes Essay

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Narrative Links in Holes

In kissing Kate’s narrative, she used to make delicious and sweet peach jam. In Stanley and Zero’s narrative, they found and ate kissing Kate’s peach jam ( sploosh ) In Stanley Yelnats III’s narrative, his invention smells like peaches. God’s thumb In Sam’s narrative, Sam had his onion fields on top of God’t thumb. In Stanley Yelnats I narrative, He was left stranded in the desert, found his way to God’s Thumb and the spring. When Stanley Yelnats VI escaped Camp Green Lake to find Zero, they made their way to God’s thumb also. Stanley and Zero ate sweet onions that were still growing by the spring.

Trainers In Stanley Yelnats III narrative, Stanley Yelnats III is an inventor trying to find a way to recycle old trainers. In Stanley Yelnats IV narrative, He got the blame and got arrested by cops because of a pair of stinky trainers that fell on his head from “the sky”. He thought that the old trainers was “destiny’s shoes” In Zero’s narrative, Zero took the trainers in the homeless shelter. He didn’t know that the shoes were Clyde Livingston’s nor did he know that what he did was stealing. He got scared and put the famous shoes on top of a parked car when people were going crazy about the missing shoes Zero took.

Later the trainers fall off the car and dropped on Stanley’s head, making him think that the shoes fell from the sky. Onions In Sam’s narrative, He sold sweet onions, products and medicines made from his onions In Stanley and Zeros narrative, they ate onions to survive. The onions saved Zero from dying from eating bad food. A boat called Mary Lou was build by Sam. He named the boat after his donkey. He had put kissing Kate barlow’s peach jam inside the boat. In Zero and Stanley’s narrative, They found the peach jam an old boat called Mary Lou and ate it.

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