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Narrative Example

T ‘was a beautiful day. The sun shone brightly in the East. Birds chirping, sweetly singing on the branches of a trees. Warm smiles of my neighbors, together with the refreshing smell of cold breeze joined the atmosphere. Everything was so perfect. BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZZZZZ. My alarm clock rang. What?! I’m so late for my class. Blame that stupid dream. Hurriedly, I forcefully took a bath on cold waters. Within 15 minutes, I was all set. I arrived at school very late. When I entered the class, a male friend of mine smiled at me. To show some respect, I flashed my not-so-cool grin and sank to my seat. Bored enough, I took my phone out. A text message from someone anonymous surprised me. It said, “Meet me at the canteen at exactly 9 A.M. Refer to the School clock”. I glanced at the clock, yawned and dozed off to sleep.

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I completely forgot about the text. Zzzzzzz. Seconds, minutes, hours flew fast by. My typical day ended somewhat nothing has been accomplished. I loved it. Entering our house, my phone rang. A friend was calling. A male voice from the other line was talking , telling me to go with him on the hospital because there was an emergency. I hurriedly went out the house and went with him. As we walked, thoughts engulfed me, the hospital was our neighbour and we went to ride in a car. How strange. Upon entering the car, my friends shouted “VICTIM” and laughed so hard. Okay, that was a set-up! I was so pissed off. Grrrrhhh! They brought me to Waterworld Resort. Entering the gates, the Ensemble played a soft romantic music. A waiter signalled me to come so I followed him. Later, I saw a guy holding a white rose. I studied him carefully only to be surprised that the guy was my crush. I saw him flashed his pearly whites on me.

Wondering, I went and asked him, “ What’s this?” Instead of answering, he motioned me to come with him. We walked on the garden and talked. I talked, he talked, we talked. I smiled, he laughed. Food trips and more talks…… It’s so sad but I have to bid him goodbye . Before I walked away from him, he hugged me so tight in front of my friends and whispered his three magical words, “I love you”. I was so shocked. I don’t know how would I react so I just smiled and nod. I can’t talk that night. I felt like my mind is somewhere over there, away from me. It was so romantic. It was so memorable. Dated with love, February 28, 2010. More dates followed and he courted me. We became young lovers and until now, we are still together.

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