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Narrative Comment Essay

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Narrative Comment

Analyzing the thesis statement of the narrative, it can be seen that it focuses on the importance of decision-making. At the same time, it also allows readers to examine how effective choices can help provide the satisfaction necessary in order to address the individual’s needs in a deeper level. In terms of the narrative’s point of view, it sought to provide readers with a more personal view towards the application of the thesis statement.

It can be seen that the actions were made throughout the paper. On the other hand, the selection of an event best suits the thesis statement as there is a clash between the perspective of the author and her father. This experience highlighted how important of sticking up to decisions is vital to achieve acceptance and success. In chronology, the document provides specific attention to details and organization. It provides specific words that portray appropriate use of time.

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Though it may lack originality and detail, it is relevant in providing clarity on how detail is given. Similarly, transitions between scenes were also given accordingly. The use of transition words are present in the narrative and helps readers understand the changes happening in each scene. The use of dialogue was also introduced into the document. Here, it allows readers to understand its value and portrays important points in the argument.

The writer made considerable attention into citing quotations coming from actors to highlight significant aspects such as the decision to study abroad and the father’s choice to say yes. Lastly, it can be seen that the verb tenses are consistent with what the narrative portrays. At the same time, it also provides strong action verbs especially during the scenes that depict emotions and feelings of the author.

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