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The purpose in between a story and detailed essay differ from each other because of how you desire to convey the story and how to achieve the function. In How to Say Nothing in 500 Words, by Paul McHenry Roberts, the desired audience is for trainees and writers, and in Again to the Lake, by E. B. White, it is for readers who had experience with sharing a minute with their enjoyed ones, which both stories achieve a specific audience. Other resemblances in between narrative and detailed are the “description and narrative are typically utilized together due to the fact that description assists make the story we are narrating clearer and more vibrant” (Connell & & Sole, 2013, p.

6.4), in which to achieve their story, they both have a specific language it uses in order to do it. Roberts’s purpose is for the author to surpass in their writing, though White’s purpose is to show previous experiences might not be the exact same for others.

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What resembles their story is that the reader can learn from the authors previous mistakes.

Roberts’s impact gives the reader a desire to want to write more effectively, although White’s story impacts the reader to enjoy an experience because it can lead to a disaster; both stories impact the reader to do something. The style of essay that is superior is narrative because a writer can “incorporate certain important elements in the narrative” (Connell & Sole, 2013, p. 6.3).When a writer uses descriptive, they tend to go too far using descriptive words to describe something that it becomes boring and it tends to make me skip that paragraph, and sometimes the entire page if it goes into too much detail.

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