Narcissism Essay Topics

Narcissistic Leaders

Big business today can be largely attributed to CEOs and leaders that are narcissistic. These leaders tend to be the center of attention more so now days then they used to be which is something a narcissistic person enjoys. Narcissists have been in business for a long time and have made great strides. People such… View Article

Primary narcissism

Narcissism is a character trait in which people tend to show more concern to self than other people around them. It can be either primary which is usually common in infants or secondary that is common in adults. This paper is going to look into the effects that the current generation narcissism has brought to… View Article

The role of narcissism in ‘Dorian Gray’

Dorian goes from innoncent, pure, almost christ-like man without sin to a filthy, disgusting sinner who exploits everyone. The original sin pride, which usually is said to be the source of all other sins, gives birth to this new man. In this essay I will discuss how this sin leads to other sins; wrath, lust……. View Article