Napoleon Was A Child Of The Enlightenment Essay

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Napoleon Was A Child Of The Enlightenment

Assess the validity of this statement by using specific policies and attitudes of Napoleon.

I think saying “Napoleon was a child of the Enlightenment” is not correct thing. It is true that he strengthened the France world power, but he was an absolute dictator that did tyranny and abolished the right that was newly gained. He was a very innovative ruler. But although he won from the every war until he lost from the war with Russia, and enjoyed the victory, this caused the huge side effects and great social confusion and disorder across the Europe. As the France three national spirits are “Freedom”, “Equality”, and “Philanthropy”, Napoleon spread these spirits to the conquered area. But the problem is as France intended the equality and the royal authority of king was weaker than other, this naturally threatened the power and royal authority to monarchies. This caused Europe conflict each other after the Napoleon domination, Divided by two groups: Maintaining the French spirit that Napoleon spread, and going back to the age before Napoleon domination. Second, after the French Revolution that was held by publics, the gender discrimination was disappeared. This means, the equal rights were given to the women for the first time of the French history. But as he accessed the power, he abolished this big revolution and change for increasing the stability or France.

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