Napoleon Bonaparte: Good Or Bad

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Napoleon Bonaparte was not a good leader and although he did help France he was too bloodthirsty and arrogant to be considered a good ruler. He did gain much land and wealth for France however; there was too much bloodshed involved. He said that he did not care how much blood was spilled as long as he got his way and won he was fine with death. This shows that he has no concern for the people of France and would throw away their lives so that he could come out victorious.

One cannot be considered a great leader unless he is a leader of the people and although the country may be wealthy that doesn’t necessarily mean that the French people are happy.

In addition Napoleon was also very arrogant, a trait that eventually led to his downfall. His invasion of Russia was a mixture of his arrogance and greed that eventually lead to the death of almost all of his troops and his downfall.

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That downfall caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men in the army and also burned Russia to the ground and brought France plummeting downward. Altogether although Napoleon gave France wealth he would not be considered a great due to the amount of bloodshed under his reign.

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Napoleon Bonaparte: Good Or Bad

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