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Nancy Werlin Report Essay

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She currently resides near Boston, Massachusetts. She received a Bachelors degree in English from Yale University. She was formerly a software writer for various companies. She is also the author of Are You Alone on Purpose? in 1994, The Killer’s Cousin in 1998, Locked Inside in 2000, and Black Mirror in 2001. She was the recipient of many awards including the Publishers Weekly Flying Start award, ALA Best Book for Young Adults, and the Edgar Award.

Her favorite reading matter included the “Nancy Drew” and “Cherry Ames” series, Ray Bradbury’s science fiction, historical novels of all sorts, and classics such as Little Women, Jane Eyre, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings.

Werlin is the youngest of three daughters. She grew up with an autistic sibling. Her parents had a very laid back way of parenting. Werlin had a complicated family in her childhood years. Double Helix is about 18-year old Eli Samuels, who works for a famous molecular biologist named Dr.

Quincy Wyatt.

There is a mysterious connection between Dr. Wyatt and Eli’s parents, and Eli knows that the connection has something to do with his mother, who has Huntington’s Disease. Because of the connection between Dr. Wyatt and the Samuels family, Eli’s father is strongly against Eli working there. The job is perfect, and the wages are great, but Eli can’t help but notice that Dr. Wyatt seems to be a little too interested in Eli. Later on, as Eli continues to work in the lab, he discovers with the help of Kayla Matheson, Dr.

Wyatt’s supposed “niece,” that he and Kayla are the product of a highly unethical genetic experiments All the characters in the book had some moral and ethical flaws, but to me Dr. Wyatt has the least morals and ethics. He used Ava’s eggs to experiment with and that is extremely bad ethics. I think Eli had the most ethics, because he stood in there for Kayla as a brother even though he’d just learned of his own beginnings and even though they were virtually strangers.

Both Kayla and Eli also share some of the characteristic such as they are both gifted athletes, extremely intelligent, and physically attractive. I think they share these same qualities because of two reason. The first is that they both have the same mother. The second is that they were genetically experimented on so what was stopping them from putting those genes in their DNA. I do not think that human life should be created in a laboratory. I think that there are numerous things that could go wrong in an experiment like that. I think that humans will eventually start cloning themselves.

I think that this will happen in the not so distant future also. I think that genetic manipulation is ethical when you are trying to better the human race. I however do not think it is ethical for you to genetically manipulate something for personal gain. I enjoyed this book. At first I wasn’t too sure what to think of it because it seemed to be pure science fiction. It surprised me and turned out to be a decent book.

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