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Gogol's Namesake

In conclusion we see different degrees of Indian and American culture present within Gogol representing his continuous changing position across his hybrid culture identity or “third space”. In the early stages of his life we see his divergence from “Indian-ness” through his parents failure to name him according to Bengali tradition, his own rejection of important Bengali ceremonial tradit...

Cultural Identity in The Namesake

Particular attention to the scenes of introduction where Gogol and his girlfriend experienced entirely different ends of the spectrum in terms of their parents’ reactions to one another. It shows perfectly that there is a cultural barrier between the two families, where his girlfriend’s family is extremely accepting, while Gogol’s parents are not. They want him to follow tradition and marry ...

Non-Verbal Behaviour and Gestures in "A Streetcar Names Desire"

Her body language as she “throws back her head” also points towards feeling comfortable and not intimidated under Stanley’s presence and insinuates a further relation with him that may come out later on in the play. The significance of this is not yet known at the end of Scene 2, but it leads the reader to believe she may have an eye out for her Sister’s husband. The non-verbal behaviour a...

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The Importance of Names in Frankenstein and the Handmaid's Tale

It is also an unexpected act from a monster, suggesting the Creature does not deserve the derogatory names he is given. The Creature later refers to himself as Adam. He says that he is Victor’s “Adam of your labours”. This links to Paradise Lost because Victor created the monster in the same way God created Adam. Both Frankenstein and The Handmaid’s Tale use names to represent their charac...

Namesake: Different Cultures

Overall I really enjoyed the movie. It gave a lot of perspectives on life and how it is easy to get caught up in the society you live in and forget about who brought you into the world. The movie gave the audience a great insight into how family relationships form and how they can drift apart if you don’t make a conscious effort to stay in touch with that side. This is very much relevant to my l...

Experimental Psychology Stroop Effect

Also, could there be a difference between children, adolescents, middle-age, and/or old-age? MacLeod (1991) also references a study conducted by Ligon (1932) that tested the “differential-practice concept” in children between the ages of about 5-14. Ligon found that practice and training did improve RTs for both color naming and word naming tasks, however, “the difference between the skills ...

Discuss the Significance of Names in of Mice and Men

Carlson, is the complete opposite of Slim, with ‘Carl’ meaning ‘man’ or ‘manly’ and ‘son’ meaning son, creating a definition of man’s son. Carlson as seen in the earlier parts of the story is seen to show no respect or value to Candy’s dog because of its putrid odor, not considering that the pet could be Candy’s only companion, showing that his character is arrogant and selfi...

NameSyed Farasat Ali ShahStudent Id018010990024SubjectDisaster Prevention and Mitigation in Civil EngineeringAssignment TitleDisaster

Name:Syed Farasat Ali ShahStudent Id:018010990024Subject:Disaster Prevention and Mitigation in Civil EngineeringAssignment Title:Disaster Prevention & Mitigation Plan for Peshawar, PakistanDated:8th October, 2018Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil EngineeringShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityDisaster Prevention & Mitigation Plan for Peshawar, Pakistan1. Hazards, Vulnerability and Risk Pro...

The Symbolism of Names in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare

What is more, the names of the human beings are related to the Greek mythology, such that Theseus is the Duke of Athens, a name and a position not randomly chosen, as Theseus was considered to be the greatest Athenian hero. By his side, there is Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, again a name with strong resonances, the leader of the women warriors, who were defeated by Pirithous and Theseus and fin...

Others Native names or Synonyms of Murraya koenigii


Percy Bysshe Shelley - Literary Works

Their differences also lied mainly in the Percy Bysshe lack of faith. Shelley was skeptic regarding human nature, critical of concepts of spirituality which words worth possessed at the end of his life. Shelley had flexibility of mind but not in spiritual sense. Shelley was an atheist. In his hymn to intellectual beauty Shelley makes religious reference in line, p...

Study Romeo and Juliet in the play that takes their names

She came across as an extremely strong willed character with an open mind and the ability to voice her opinions and she didn't let anything get in her way. She was practical and calm at times of distress. In my opinion she was a very admirable person. Other characters in the play also admired her; Friar Lawrence describes her as needing "no womanish fear" if she accepts his plan. Juliet did and it...

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