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Nalanda University Essay Examples

Essay on Nalanda University

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Aryabhatta Biography

While there is a tendency to misspell his name as "Aryabhatta" by analogy with other names having the "bhatta" suffix, his name is properly spelled Aryabhata: every astronomical text spells his name thus, including Brahmagupta's references to him "in more than a hundred places by name". Furthermore, in most instances "Aryabhatta" does not fit the metre either. Time and place of birth Aryabhata mentions in the Aryabhatiya that it was composed 3,630 years into the Kali Yuga, when he was…...

Biography - Aryabhata, the Indian mathematician

Aryabhata (476 CE – 550 CE) was the first Hindu mathematician and astronomers from India. He wrote couple of treatise about mathematics and astronomy. Some of them were lost. His most famous works Aryabhatiya completed in 499 CE and the Arya-Siddhanta. Aryabhatiya consists of 108 verses, in which Aryabhata wrote about the mathematics and astronomy at the age of 23 in 499 CE. He was born in India at Asmaka or Kusumapura in 476 CE. There is no clear evidence…...

Compare and Contrast Between State University and Private University

A university is an institution of higher education and research which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects. A university is a corporation that provides both undergraduate education and postgraduate education. Actually, University was divided into two which are public university and private university. In fact, the people have their argument about this issue and about choosing the best of them. As a result, the people fell confuse when they are choose the best of one. Because of these…...

Communal Riots in India

Communal riots have become a distinct feature of communalism in India. Whenever conflicting groups from two different religions, which are self –conscious communities, clash, it results in a communal riot. An event is identified as a communal riot if (a) there is violence, and (b) two or more communally identified groups confront each other or members of the other group at some point during the violence.1 The reason for such a clash could be superficial and trivial, though underlying them…...

University Tuition Fees

Some University Policy makers have viewed the increased college tuition fees as a means of dealing with the economic crisis of the early 2000s. The need for universities more resources have also increased. In addition, the facilities needed for technical courses such as engineering are necessary and the institution cannot offer such courses without proper facilities. To be able to finance such facilities, tuition fee must be increased. Education is expensive and is high time we started realizing the real…...

Uniform at University

This essay will examine the positive and negative aspects of wearing university uniform. University uniform is implemented at some universities in the world. The universities of Kurdistan Region do not implement it. Uniform has both positive and negative aspects. Everyone has his/her own point of view about university uniform. Some people think that aside from positive aspects of uniform; it also has negative aspects. The positive aspects of wearing university uniform can be promoting equality among the social classes, saving…...

Marquette University

Marquette is ranked No. 63 by high school and private independent school guidance counselors in 2012. It’s located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Marquette is known for its outstanding academics, and varying majors. Additionally, Marquette is a Catholic Jesuit college, which means there are a lot of spiritual bases in finding God in everything that is done. This means in education we can find some inspiration to do better and be better, no matter what is one’s faith or traditions; the common…...

Article- University Life

Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences but typically describes a negative condition that can have an impact on one’s mental and physical well-being no matter you are young people or the old one. There are many different things can cause stress in our life. University is one of a stressful situation for young people due to several causes such as poor time management, peer…...

University Degree

Rapid development of technologies and existing financial crisis make people fret about their future live and expert realization, showing without any doubt the value of education for more effective living. Knowledge is power and the more you know the simpler you will get the desired task, the much better you will be paid and the better you will live. Just recently, college has practically become a needs to in our society. First of all companies constantly prefer to hire applicants…...

Corporate University Model

From my readings and research I have learned about the corporate university model. I will be evaluating why many organizations today are emphasizing training as an employee development tool and focus on why utilizing the internal university structure has become very popular. I think that the corporate university model is a very effective model. It is an educational entity that is a strategic tool designed to assist its parent organization in achieving its goals by conducting activities that foster individual…...

Arellano University

The Jose Abad Santos Campus was formerly called Jose Abad Santos High School. The first Arellano University branch established in Pasay City, it was founded in 1945. Dr. Fidel Colmenar was its first director. Next came Mr. Leonardo Tensuan, who served for 23 years, and under whose leadership as director, JASHS reached the height of progress. Mrs. Felicidad Crisologo, the first woman director of the school, replaced him and continued the work guiding the faculty in preparing students for a…...

Private University of Bd

Introduction For some consecutive days in May 2009, students of two Dhaka-based private universities demonstrated on the streets of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, against the administrations of their respective universities. They alleged administrative mismanagement and lack of adequate educational facilities, as well as “exorbitant” tuition fees. The students’ dissatisfaction was from a shared opinion amongst them that they did not receive educational and other facilities as “promised” during their admission. The tide of demonstrations stemmed within a few days…...

Mcdonald's "Hamburger University"

Training at McDonalds is an integral part of the company's management program. In fact, McDonalds regards management training as so important that they actually created "Hamburger University" wherein managers and possible franchisees learn "The Basics of McDonald's Operations". Hamburger University was created by McDonalds Corporation in order to instruct their employees or personnel employed by McDonald's Independent Franchisees in every aspect of the business. Some of the characteristics of the global training plan at McDonalds include everything from cultural awareness…...

Choosing the Right University

Introduction There is a lot of things in life that need a right decision because sometimes what we choose is determine our future too. That’s the reason why the important one for me is about understand that life is really a choice. My name is Kharis Ardine Limosa ,I was born on 6th June 1988, when I was growth become a mature and looking all the journey of my life I just feel so blessed and thankful because I have…...

Yale University Investment

Summary: The Case is about the decision of the Yale Investments Office whether to continue to allocate the bulk of the university's endowment to illiquid investments--hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and so forth. Important is to consider the risks and benefits of a different asset allocation strategy. Before the choice between different subclasses, e.g., between venture capital and leveraged buyout funds would be analyzed it is advantageous to get first background information. Effective management of a university endowment requires…...

High School vs. University

Every September, high school graduates must prepare for the drastic transformation from high school to university. High school is a teaching environment which a student acquires facts and skills. University is a learning environment in which a student must take responsibility for thinking and applying what you have learned. This step in life students will either adjust to or struggle with. High school students are told university life is exciting, unpredictable, and entertaining. Also, students are informed university life is…...

Ashford University library Advantages

Research is one of the most important parts of an individual’s academic life and proof that they have developed their academic skills and knowledge in their area of study. Ashford University Library is an amazing place where one is able to access all the materials that is needed in carrying out a research in any field of study. Conducting any kind of research requires full access to various sources that are considered to be scholarly sources that are reliable for…...

Ambassador for University

To be an ambassador for President University means a lot to me; representing a respectable institution which I am a part of to the general public, especially to eager high school seniors in my own hometown, sharing how it feels like to study here and live amongst the multicultural environment in the dormitory where I found a new family far from home. I’m lucky to be here right now, on my way to be tomorrow’s leader, and I want my…...

Community College vs University

Deciding on whether to attend a community college or a university can be a very tough decision. Often times we hear negative opinions and comments about attending a community college instead of a university. Community colleges are much more affordable. They have smaller classes, and they are much more convenient than universities. Through some people experiences and research, there are many benefits to attending a community college before university. There are many differences between going to a university right after…...

Case Analysis_The University Art Museum

Executive Summary This report was commissioned as a case analysis to examine why the last 2 directors of the University Art Museum were seemingly at chances with the university and stopped working in their mission to lead the museum into the future. Further it offers prospective on how to move the museum into the future through successful management. Case Analysis The University Art Museum was a generous present donated by the child of the university's first president, who was likewise…...

Having a University Degree

Is it worth to study and spend a lot of the best time of your life for a university degree? One advantage is that you have a lot of reputation with an academic title, it can be very useful if you looking for a job. Also officials use another handling if you have a university degree. Another point is that you meet a lot of people at the university; the most of them are very intelligent. At a later time…...

University Learning Goals

The university discovering goals are necessary skills that hiring managers look for when reviewing applications. Understanding how to incorporate the knowing objectives into your career proficiencies can help you in the application and career-search procedure. Complete the following table with 100-word summaries of how each university learning objective can help you with profession preparedness. University learning goal How each objective prepares you for success in the work environment Expert Proficiency and Worths I believe this objective will assist prepare you…...

Obesity Among University Student

A hectic way of life and a pack schedule amongst University trainee is a common view, when they are pursuing their research study at the greater level. We are all concurred that Education comes initially however, how about healthiness?. Nearly every student in University was not selective about what they consume, as their consuming practice can impact their study performance. They are not issue about their fat level in the body which can lead to obesity. It is shown that…...

Important Soft Skills for University

Competition for jobs is very tight right now due to the many people who apply for jobs or at least the capacity of workers. Of course the graduates will work and will compete with the graduates themselves or other college graduates. Thus students should prepare themselves to compete before and after it passed in getting a better job. Develop hard skills are the main answer to success in getting the job. However, it is not enough hard skill capabilities, but…...

Historical Places of Bangladesh

The Dhakeshwari Temple is a famous ancient temple, arguably the most prominent temple of Dhaka as well as the most important Hindu place of worship in Bangladesh. It is also said that the name of the city itself as coined after the temple. It is situated on the northern side of the Dhakeshwari Road near Bakshi bazar area of Old Dhaka, less than half a mile to the southwest of the Salimullah Hall of Dhaka University. Popular legend connects the…...

University of Phoenix Scavenger Hunt

Which three reviewing services are available to students through the Center for Writing Excellence? For a quick check, you can use WritePoint, which will do a more thorough Word-style grammar and spelling check. For more specific questions and comments, you can use the Tutor review which gives more detailed explanations and a much more thorough check. Also, the Plagiarism checker is nice for making sure you are following correct citation rules and not pulling too much information from one source.…...

Should Nobody State University Raise

Assess a raise in tuition and if it will necessarily result in more revenue: There are many issues why assessing the raise in tuition and that is first and foremost the college is spending more money each year. In many instances they have to pay more out to the faculty and staff, building new state of the art facilities whether it is class rooms or sporting arenas, performing more research and these cause spending to rise. Then we see that…...

University of Phoenix Material

My personal plan is to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Hospital Administration. I have chosen the University of Phoenix as the school to attend to obtain my degree. During these first few weeks I have used several different tools to help me understand my career interests, competencies, and my career ethics. These tools have helped reiterate what I already knew about myself but have also made me reconsider some of my education / career goals. Content and Development (70 points)…...

Should University Education Be Made Compulsory?

Competitions exist in every modern city. It is of no doubt that you will have a better working environment if you have a university degree. Those, who are only graduated from high-schools, are more likely to be employed as industrial workers or to be doing some manual jobs. That is how the real world works. If the government forces all high-school graduates to go to university, inequality is then caused to the ones who have the real ability to enter…...

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