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Nakita vs Politics

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (732 words)
Categories: Democracy,Hurricane Katrina,Natural Disaster,Nature,Politics,Society,State
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Nakita vs PoliticsNakita SheltonHUSTON-TILLOTSON UNIVERSITYNakita vs PoliticsMy name is Nakita Shelton. I was born December 30, 1975 in New Orleans, La. I am 43 years old. The oldest child of two. I grew up mostly around family and had very little friends. Most of life, I was very lonely being that I was the only child until I turned 10 years old. I’m the mother of 3 children Malik 22, Chamani 16, and Hayden 3. I moved to Austin, Texas in 2005 due to the natural disaster Hurricane Katrina.

I’m attending Huston-Tillotson University majoring in Business. My hobbies include dancing, singing, shopping, traveling, and just spending time with my family. My goal is to one day own my own business. One in real estate and the other as a travel agent.

When putting a political perspective in the context of my life I would have to go with the wall that Trump is trying to build in order to stop the Mexicans from entering the United States. I believe this wall is going to cause us more harm than good.

I feel like people should have the right to live wherever they choose, and no one should be able to take that away. The reason why I feel this way is because it takes me back to August 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, La and separated me from my family and friends. It felt like a big chunk of my life was taken away from me. I went through periods of loneliness and depression due to the fact of being apart from my family and friends. Imagine being in a new city with hardly anybody you knew. It can really be very terrifying. Still to this day, I am going through it so I can definitely relate to how they are feeling about this. It is not easy to be apart from the people you love. And besides this, these people are the only people I know who don’t mind working for $2.50 an hour in the heat, rain, or snow to make a way for their families. Who else is going to accept that amount of pay if he blocks them from coming over here? I know I won’t be working for that amount. Trump needs to leave them people alone and put a stop to building that wall.

Who am I as a political person? Well to be honest I’m not really into politics and I hardly ever watch the news, but if I had to choose which role I would take on, I would have to go with democrat. The reason I chose this is because I believe that everyone should have an equal say in the government and to be able to circulate their ideas as well as raise awareness of issues going on in our community. As for as our government is concern, it sucks from what I am hearing. The taxes, minimal wages, and health care are just some the problems we are experiencing. How does the U.S. fit into the larger world? Good question? I personally think that the U.S. fits great into the larger world. We don’t have to work as hard as most other countries to survive. Meaning we don’t have to hunt for our food everyday in order to survive like some countries. We are able to pick out our own clothes and choose our own homes. We don’t have to create or build them ourselves. So overall, I believe the we are better than most countries in this world. And when I think about how political identity, religion, and democratic regimes affect the political structure, I think of how people have different opinions about certain things because of their beliefs and how it sometimes causes a lot of clashes when it comes to politics. Like for example “Gay Marriages”. Some people feel it is ok to marry the same sex while others feel it is not.


In conclusion, when it comes to me and politics, I just never had the desire to get into it at all. I never had an interest in it or ever felt the need to get involved in it because I always had enough going on in my own life to occupy my time. I just put my faith in god and let him lead the way and deal things as they come.

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Nakita vs Politics. (2019, Nov 27). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/nakitavspolitics-example-essay

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