Mythology & Heroes Essay

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Mythology & Heroes

Heroes are an important part in Mythology history, they date back as far as anyone can remember, accomplishing great things. Heroes give a town a feeling of security that if anything happens the heroes are there to save them. Heroes like Hercules, give the town a sense of hope, that nothing bad will happen to them and they can live in happiness and peace. However, when comparing hero myth’s to their movies it can major differently, and be just alike. In the movie Hercules compared to the myth Hercules there are many differences.

In the book, Apollo and Hercules have a quarrel about Hercules taking the oracle for himself and Apollo would not let that happen, however; this was not mentioned in the book. Within the book, Hercules got so angry at the sun for being too hot, that he shot the sun with an arrow, yet; it was failed to be reffered to in the movie. In the movie, Hercules was born atop Mt. Olympus, although; in the book, it mentions how he was born in Thebes. During the movie, Hades (god of the underworld) was out to ruin Hercules, yet in the book Hera was out to ruin him.

Throughout the movie and the book, there are two different ways how Hercules meets Megara. In the movie, Megara sold her soul to Hades, therefore; she works for Hades and has to try to ruin Hercules. Although, in the book, Megara becomes Hercules wife whenever he conquers Minyan and as his reward he gets to marry Princess Megara. The quests of Hercules are different throughout the movie and the book. In the book, Hercules quest to complete the twelve labors that he recieves for killing his wife and kids. However, in the movie, Hercules quest was to prove himself a hero so that he could live with his dad (Zeus) on Mt.

Olympus. In the book, Hercules fights Acheolus the river god, concerning Deianira, whom Hurcules wanted to make his wife. Nevertheless, this is not brought up in the movie. In the movie, it shows how Hercules grew up with his adoptive parents, because Hades tried to change him into a mortal, although; in the book, it doesn’t mention anything to do with his childhood, growing up. In the movie, Hercules recieves Pegasus at a young age, and Pegasus stays with Hercules throughout the whole way, yet; this is not communicated through the book. In the book, Hercules doesn’t get his powers taken like he does in the book.

Also in the book, Hercules doesn’t trade places to sell his soul, to save Megara like he does in the movie. In the movie, the fates made several appearances in cutting Megara’s string, although; this is never mentioned in the book. Towards the end of the movie, the Titans return like the Fates predicted they would in eighteen years, however; this had failed to be mentioned in the book. In the book, Phil helps Hercules becomes a hero, however; this is never mentioned in the book. Although there are many differences within the movie and the book, there are similarites also.

A similarity would be that in the both the book and the movie, Hercules had confidence in his powers and strengths. Hercules, never really used his intelligence when making decisions. Hercules emotions were very strong throughout both the book and the movie. Hercules strangled two snakes at the nursery in the dead of the night. At the end of both stories Hercules had eternal peace. In both the movie and the book Hercules dad is Zeus. Hercules is a demi god. In both the movie and the book Hercules overcame many obstacles. Hercules falls in love with Megara in both the movie and the book.

In the end, Hercules saves the day, in both the movie and the book. Even though the movie Hercules and the book may be two totally different things, they still have the same theme around them both. The struggles, that Hercules went through to become a hero, no matter how big or how small he overcame them all. Hercules is a hero that will always be looked up upon no matter what quest, god, villian or monster that he conquers, Hercules will always be great. At the end, of the movie Zeus said this following quote which will forever be true, “A true hero isn’t measured by his strength, but by the strengthed of his heart. “

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