Mythbuster Reaction Paper Essay

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Mythbuster Reaction Paper

Never has it transpired in my cognizance how eloquent sound can be and the amazing things it can accomplish. Basically, sound isn’t all about hearing it with the ears and escalating its invisible effects. In the two topics we have witnessed, sound is much more appreciated.

Can sound really break a glass? As what I’ve seen in the opera or in the movies, they say it can. I was at first doubtful of the fact that sound can be really used to break glasses. For me it was fictional.

In the episode of the Mythbusters, they were ought to attest that sound can certainly break a wineglass. They have proposed diverse approaches on the how-to’s and what-if’s. I might have been victorious on my theory that it is fictional un-equating that to what I’ve seen in the movies. The crew then had its first set up they have organized an amplifier through a microphone input and an amplified sound output through a speaker fronting the most imperative subject, the lab rat – wine glass that is.

The hired rock star sounded its first key through the microphone to the amplifier and to the speaker, and as it changes its tone to fit the right breaking pitch for the glass, nothing happened. The glass merely vibrated but it didn’t shatter; until one of the crew suggested to make a small opening for the sound to be concentrated on the glass. Voila! The glass vibrated and shattered! And to my shock, I can’t help but just open my mouth to the amusement. “It’s still different because it’s amplified and humans alone can’t produce that kind of vibrations.”

They have to raise the bar to the next level. “Let the human voice alone splinter the wineglass”. So they have tried. And same principle follows. After trials and trials, I may have been successful of my theory that it’s fictional until one unexpected moment; a shattering sound reached my ear. HE WAS SUCCESSFUL. Sound can surely break glass by means of high frequency. The same principle was sought to the next episode of the myth busters and that is to extinguish fire through sound. The same set up was organized except that the subject is different and through the vibrations, the enflamed object was got ridden with fire with a very low frequency. Identical principles yet both show the immense supremacy of sound. I have deeply appreciated both episodes and through this, the power of sound has been genuinely considered.

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