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The Mystery Of Room 13

David Wright an ordinary man 5’10”, brown hair with a side parting with an ordinary life lives in Newcastle and works in a record shop restacking the shelves. But his holiday is far from ordinary Sydney, Australia. He had been saving up his money for this holiday for 2 years. As soon he had enough money he was planning to leave his ordinary life and go on a once in a lifetime trip.

When he finally reached Sydney he went to book a room in a hotel.

The first hotel he saw was The Annabelle. When had booked a room he wanted to go everywhere and see everything like the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour and try and see the Australian team play. But then his flight caught up with him and all he wanted to do is go to bed and save his sight seeing trip until tomorrow.

Two smartly dressed hotel staff wearing red and gold-buttoned suits opened the doors. But when he walked inside his jaw was open in amazement.

The flood to the ceiling was covered in marble also it had red carpet like a set of roads going off in different directions. David choose the route which lead to the front desk. When he managed to navigate his way to the front desk he pressed a gold bell, and out of nowhere appeared a member of staff, the manager.

“How can I help you sir?” asked the manager

“I would like to book a room,” replied David. At this point the manager was scanning the booking form to see if there was any spare rooms.

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“I’m terribly sorry sir, but we’re full,” said the manager

“Oh…are you sure?” David questioned

“Positive sir”

“Oh, ok then…thanks anyway” David was now feeling that his dream holiday was not so much a dream but a nightmare. He sulked as he walked out of the hotel. When he was outside a sudden change of mood came over him, he was now reconciled to the fact that he couldn’t get a room.

“Oh well I suppose I couldn’t afford it anyway” David chuckled to himself.

By this time David was now wishing he had never booked this holiday because he was fed up, he had tried 5 hotels all fully booked. Then he saw another hotel it looked all right, nothing special. He walked in not expecting to get a room.

“Are you fully booked?” David asked

“No” the member of staff replied

“Really?” David questioned

“Yes, so would you like to book a room?” Asked the member of staff.

“Yes please!” said David smiling

“Would you like to just sign here please?”

“There you go”

“Thanks, you are room 23”

David walked over to the lifts and pressed a button to call the life. After a while the doors opened with a PING! David stepped inside and pressed for floor 3. Then another PING! Came from the loudspeaker and the doors opened. As soon as he stepped out of the life there was a sign in front of him saying rooms 14-20 to the left and rooms 21-27 to the right. David dragged his heavy suitcase behind him as he was trying to find his room. David found it, unlocked the door and stepped inside. Seeing the bed made David feel young again so he ran up to the bed and jumped on it.

Doing this made him remember his mum telling him not to do that when he was younger. The room was a sun faded yellow colour and he had blue carpet. There was one set of windows over looking the beach, which was a bonus. David entered another room, his bathroom it had a sink, bath, shower and a toilet. David shut the door and started to unpack, when he heard a knock at the door. This made David jump

“Who is it?”

“Room service” David walked over to the door and opened it.

“Hi there, here is complimentary video an popcorn from the manager” The man was about David’s height but he was skinnier than he was and had blonde hair, which was in a mess.

“Thanks but I haven’t got a TV”

“This is room 23 right?”


“You should have, follow me” The man walked over to a cupboard open the door and out popped a TV with a video.

David looked at the video.

“Horror movie, nice” David looked at the clock which read 11.30am. After seeing the clock he collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

When David woke up he was feeling quite hungry so remembering the popcorn and the video, he started to watch it.

* * *

After watching the film, he was feeling tired again, but before he could go to sleep nature called. David was now refreshed. He got ready for bed and set his alarm for 7.00am. Then he slowly drifted off into a sleep.

CRASH! David woke up immediately and sat up bolt upright in his bed. He started to sweat and felt goose bumps appearing on his arms and legs. He could hear his heart beat and feel it thud against his chest. As there were only thin walls connecting each room he was worried that he would wake up next door with his beating of his heart. Then his mind started to play tricks on him. There was a creak outside, the sound of the wind and the tapping of the rain against his window.

There was another creak outside and he was sure that someone was outside so he grabbed the first thing he could find which turned to be his shoe and got out of bed. Tip toeing to the door, and then slowing twisting the cold door know clockwise. Opening the door the hall lights made David’s eyes squint. He could hear the humming of a light and see the flickering of another light but no one.

“No one there” David told himself and went back to bed.

BEEEEEEP! David’s alarm went off. David stretched out his arms and legs, rubbed is eyes and went into the bathroom. He had a wash and got dressed as he was going to see the sights today.

* * *

Wearing a baseball cap with the map of Australia on it and wearing a T-shirt saying I Sydney on it David slowly walked it to his room. Once in his room he slept, as he was so exhausted.

The clock read 6.50pm, and David woke up, looked at the clock and panicked to get ready in time for dinner, which was at 7.00pm. He managed to get ready in time and meant some people on the way down stairs and asked them if the heard the noise last night and all of them replied no.

During dinner David drank too much and he had a headache so he trudged to his room, unlocked it and went to sleep.

CRASH! Once again this woke David up. Then he saw someone in his room staring at him and was standing there still. David tried to turn on the lights but they didn’t come on and remembering that he had matches in his draw, but which one? Frantically David tried to find the matches, then he found them and stuck a match instantly the room filled with light. David looked at the door where the man was standing but when he looked round it wasn’t a man standing there it was his dressing gown hanging up on the door. David let out a huge sigh of relief. Then he heard another CRASH and decided to investigate. Once outside he heard the noise again. Finally he established that it was coming from room 13.

David place his sweaty palms on the ice-cold door know and twisted it. He went inside and as soon as he did he felt cold, then WHAM the door shut behind him. Running to the door David started to panic and twisted the door this and that way and when that didn’t work he tried kicking it. Then a vase caught his attention, it was floating in the air, which then dropped, which made David startle then and another vase did the same. When suddenly all of the objects in the room started to fly around David in a circular format. By this time David was so scared he didn’t move which, was a disadvantage because he kept getting hit by flying objects.

“I can’t take anymore of this!” David screamed. Remembering what he had learnt in rugby when he was at school David ran and shoulder tackled the door. Success! The door flew opened, without looking back David ran to the lift and pressed the ground floor button.

When the door opened David sprinted to the front desk and pressed the button lots of times to call a member of staff.

“Yes sir?”

“Room…13…there is…something…wrong…up there” David struggled to say this as we was breathing heavily.

“Sir you are mistaken, we don’t have a room 13, it starts from 14”

“I assure you there is a room 13 because I was in it”

“Ok I will come and see, but I am certain that there isn’t a room 13”

So the member of hotel staff and David was standing outside the spot of the entrance of room 13, but instead of a door in front of them there was a wall.

“I swear there was room 13 here”

“Ok then I believe you” At this point the member of staff walked of and said under his breath “Idiot”

“Am I losing it?” David asked himself

“Yes” replied the member of staff

“I wasn’t asking you” David stood there thinking when he thought I can’t stand this anymore and walked to his room packed his things and got the lift to the reception desk, and ordered a taxi to the airport.

When the taxi arrived David dreamt what could have been a dream holiday.

“But look on the bright side I still have money left over to spend back at home” David said to himself. But he didn’t see the bill before he left.

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