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Myself, the Writer

Every human being in this world has what he or she enjoys doing. On my part, I have a liking for writing and it has become my hobby since my high school years. I developed fondness towards the art of writing after having been encouraged by my language teacher. She used to do a lot of writing and had written several books and articles that were published in journals, magazines, and newspapers. She used to write on virtually every topic especially on issues that were emergent within the society.

This teacher became my role model. This paper shall give a summary of the reasons and challenges I meet during writing. Reasons and Challenges in Writing: As stated earlier in the introduction, I developed my desire in writing during my high school days and from that time I have enjoyed every bit of my hobby, writing on almost every topic in the day to day life in the society. One of the main reasons as to why I have a liking for writing is that I have a strong yearning to progress in writing.

Writing also assists me in developing new skills and advancing knowledge on various subjects. Writing also helps me in expressing my feelings (Hodges, p 9). There are however many challenges that I encounter in writing. Extra caution is needed when writing due to the strict rules and legislations that have been established to govern writing. These acts to limit the extent to which an individual would wish to express his/her ideas (Elbow, p 12). Writing can also be a challenge in that finding the right words does not come easy.

Writing requires total commitment and it may be discouraging especially when you are unable to come up with the necessary words that would express a phenomenon (Elbow, p 26). Writing can not be done in a haphazard manner and therefore requires adequate time and vast research on the topic. Writers get frustrated when some topics of interest do not have enough information upon conducting research. Conclusion: Writing is part and parcel of my life and despite the challenges that I face, I am determined to overcome them and excel.

It is only through writing that the unspoken minds can be read and understood. Just like any other field, success in writing requires total commitment. Work Cited: Elbow, Peter. Writing with power: techniques for mastering the writing process, (2nd edn) 1998. Oxford University Press US; ISBN 0195120175, 9780195120172 Hodges, Richard, E. “The Conventions of Writing. ” In Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts, ed. James Flood, Julie M. Jensen, Diane Lapp, and James R. Squire. 1991. New York: Macmillan.

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