My Writing Reflection on Internet

Writing my roles and responsible for my role as a help desk agent. Something that, I do every day at my job, now, I have to put into mt own words for my internship, it took a lot of time to make notes and to take mt notes and put them into a sentence. Following up with some research on the job, I perform on a day to day bases. with that thought on my job, I have more responsibility then.

I thought, the customer really depend on you more than you think and most of the customer are very happy the you could resolve the issues, then having a tech come out to fix it. But here are some of my roles and responsible for my job. The Help Desk Agent I will be responsible for providing direct support to store personnel, as well as customers, in an effort to ensure proper service levels are met based on the hours of the contact center.

Provide excellent customer service to both internal and external customers.

Enhance customer loyalty through engagement via phone and email. Provide clear information or direction with regard to actions required by customers (internal and external) in order to fully address their concerns. Provide direct support to store personnel and customers for Technology, Merchandising, Store Maintenance, Operations, Order Add/Cuts, Order call Block Polling; online orders; digital offers; and loyalty programs.

Support inbound customer inquiries, email/survey/Contact Us customer inquiries. Work with customers and stores to document, resolve and/or escalate problems being reported.

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As part of the process, accurately record required contact information and problem description in the appropriate application.

Call content, appropriate notifications, error messages, problem classification and severity are critical to the problem review and resolution process. provide appropriate resolution at the first point of contact if possible. Escalate unsolved issues as needed. Gather data during the problem-solving process, analyze the situations, and provide solutions. Utilize logical problem-solving skills and techniques to troubleshoot and resolve complex problems reported by stores and customers.

Be alert to urgent or severe issues for immediate escalation, as well as trends that may negatively impact the company. Take ownership of all calls and cases/tickets opened; track the contact status to resolution utilizing the appropriate application. Escalate complex and/or high priority problems to appropriate coworkers, support groups, or vendors for resolution. Ensure proper notification and escalation procedures are followed to update business users and customers.

In this world of today where so the internet has gotten so many users and we are just like pebbles in an ocean of information. Majority of the users of the internet do not understand how exactly it works some others don’t care, the few who understands the background working system of internet either exploits the vulnerability of other users or help to protect others or just don’t care about others. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that security is airtight before deploying the network. Otherwise the organization’s information is vulnerable, and attacks would easy. It is necessary for the network administrator to understand the nitty-gritty of the best security practice.

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