My Visit To The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

My first impression when I arrived at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston was that it was very plain, basic and boring looking from the outside nothing special at first sight. There was also a small fountain near the front part of the museum. The museum itself looked like a big gray metal tin can just sitting outside baking in the hot sun. By the looks of it, looked like it would be sweltering and stuffy inside. Once I was inside the museum it was very open and calm not as big and lively as the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Some of the current exhibits that they on display were “Dissent and Desire” as for the upcoming exhibits were “Right here, Right Now: San Antonio”. Dissent and Desire was an exhibition that showcased photographs by collaborators Sunil Gupta and Charan Singh. Fun fact not only where Gupta and Singh artist collaborators but were also romantic partners.

Singh and Gupta’s project masterfully enabled us to witness the dear, everyday, and daring moments of seventeen diverse and unique individuals as well as couples.

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Gupta and Singh created a rich and affectionate mosaic of the ways in which this set of sitters navigate several aspects of life, some of those aspects being love, and work in Delhi, India where anti-sodomy laws dating back to the British Empire were only recently struck down in 2009 and which were then restored in 2013, after the Supreme Court reversed its ruling.

Their work chronicles LGBTQ+life in Delhi, India.

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In the pamphlet it also stated that each portrait in this exhibition allows both subject and the viewer to pause, to take stock, and to feel the slices and textures of everyday queer life.

As for the second upcoming exhibition “Right here, Right Now” it will be focused on 19 artist and artist collectives working and living in San Antonio, Texas. The exhibition stated that it will include sculptures, paintings, photography, drawings, textiles, performance, and many more by multi-generational cohort of different artists.

So, when I first walked into the Contemporary arts Museum Houston the first piece of work that caught my eye was “There is a Vine that Grows on my Mouth” (2018) the artist being Debra Barrera. The artwork being Archival pigment print; edition 1/1. Special edition from a series. At first sight the artwork is very simple and plain. The background is a pitch-dark shade of black, in the center is a vibrant bouquet or arrangement of bright colored flowers which is the focal point of this simple beautiful piece. The flowers being vivid shades of pink, red, purples, and green leaves. Finally, the contrast between the darker background color and bright colored flowers balanced each other well overall in the painting.

For my second piece of artwork I chose a piece by Georgia Marsh a painter (1950). The piece I picked was titled “Double Second Things V” (2014). For her painting I chose to go with Stylistic Analysis. Georgia Marsh was known for her style of cropping charcoal drawings of tree limbs and flowers into rigid shapes and highlighted the pressure between both geometric and organic shapes as well as abstract and representational art. Her art was also very minimalist, sincere and simple.

After my visit to the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston this would be my second visit to a museum. At first, I thought museums where just big buildings with random art people decided to put on show but after going to two different museums it helped me realize things. First it helped me see that each artist has their own unique style. For example, Georgia Marsh how she incorporated nature like tree limbs and flowers in her art to highlight the tension between geometric and organic shapes it was really pretty and pleasing to the eye.

Another thing I realized is this time during my visit the simple pieces of artwork are what caught my eye this time around. I believe the reason for this was because it was very minimal, simple and calm. Which also helped me see that not all art has to be extravagant, loud and abstract to catch your attention but it can also be minimalist and simple and still have the same effect if not greater and more powerful. Overall, I really enjoyed my second visit to the museum.

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